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Hermes has released another collection of beauty products that rooted its inspiration from the liberty and easiness of the outdoors. Their Plein Air collection, which the name means open-air in French, was a variety of beauty products that can improve the complexion of the skin, while letting the natural beauty of it shine through.

These gorgeous blotting powders are composed of wood pulp, hemp fibers, and delicate Kozo fibers that were derived from paper mulberry trees. Created to be much bigger than ordinary blotter papers, the blotting paper product of Hermes can reach several areas of the forehead with just one wipe, without damaging the complexion makeup that has already been placed.

In this Singapore news, we are elaborating the significance of each of the products on this new beauty collection

Plein Air Natural Enhancing Complexion Balm 

The Natural Enhancing Complexion Balm is basically the main product of the collection which also includes a SPF30 PA+++ formula with a broad-spectrum protection. Besides the skin protection formula, it also has hyaluronic acid, Baikal skullcap, evening primrose oil, and white mulberry.

The product can blur away some small flaws and facial lines without having to change the natural tones and textures of the skin. This can allow the skin complexion to remain fresh-looking even after eight hours. It can also protect the skin from harmful UV rays with its SPF30 PA+++ broad-spectrum formula.

Radiant Matte Powder and Radiant Glow Powder

The Radiant Glow Powder and Radiant Matte Powder serves as the accompaniment to the Natural Enhancing Complexion Balm. This trio of products will allow you to control the enhancement of the glow and shine of your skin. 

The Radiant Glow Powder can provide a radiant pink glow that has a finish that can subtly reflect light from surroundings, while the white mulberry formula can provide a bit of softness and hydration to the skin. Meanwhile, the Radiant Matte Powder can provide an invisible finish, in which it can hide undesirable shine to create a soft and velvety finish.

Face Powder Brush

Like with all of the past collections of Hermes, there is nothing more important in Hermes makeup application than the gestures. The Face Powder Brush is essential in the application of the powders that were mentioned above and it includes a lacquered handle that is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to the hand. 

The brush can equally distribute the appropriate amount of powder all throughout the face. The delicate and super-soft goat hair can create a brush with a dainty round shape and it can create a subtle stroke on the skin when the powders are being applied.

Blotting Papers

As mentioned above on this news today Singapore, one of the innovative products on this collection is the blotting papers. The papers are made out of wood pulp, hemp fibers and Kozo fibers that are taken from a mulberry plant. The size of the blotter paper is enhanced to accommodate the need to encompass a big area on the face with just a single gesture, without having to destroy what was previously applied underneath. 

The sheets from the product are embellished with a small “H” monogram which has an airy print that can provide an airy and light feel, and it is inside a cute and small orange packaging that you can take anywhere you go.


Overall, the Plein Air Beaty collection of Hermes is an innovative variety of products made from a trusted luxury brand. Hermes definitely was inspired from its equestrian beginnings, the Plein Air collection is made for women who like to have an enhanced complexion even outdoors. The brand definitely outdone itself this time, launching a product collection that solves the skincare dilemma that most women face, which is to stay beautiful outdoors.