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Asiaone Classic Hamptons Style Home

Are you lusting for a SoCal vibe in your home? Are you rooting ways to incorporate a beach house look but not being too rustic in your decor? Then what you are looking for is a Classic Hamptons style interior.

It conjures up a breezy, coastal look but with a low-key luxury element on it. The style originated from the beach houses of Long Island, New York, and then spread all over the world being featured in lifestyle magazines like Elle Decor. 

The homes with this interior style borrow elements from beach resorts and emphasize the wide living space for entertaining and relaxation. Simply put, it invokes an atmosphere of holiday staycation but in a more grounded way.

To create the look of Hamptons style, we at Asiaone created this piece for you to follow the following precepts:

Colour Palette

For the color palette, start with a classic base of white paint. If you think off-white is too sterile and menacing, opt for a beige or cream for a warm note. 

For the accent colors, you can throw in nautical-inspired colors like sandy yellows, dark navy, powder blues, and soft teals. For a more feminine look, swap your second accent color for pinks like coral and blush. 


Aside from color, textures are a great element in your interior design. A wood flooring is essential but for a humid climate, go with a faux-wood or vinyl finish. We suggest that you utilize light oaks because it complements the white wall of your interior.

The Hamptons style is known for more organic materials like rattan, linen, and jute. Use light marble flooring for added texture to your interior and it can complement your wood materials. For the kitchen and bathroom, use glossy white tiles for an airy vibe.

Design Elements

Hampton’s style breathes natural light, this type of interior relies on the central elements of light and air. Make sure that the whole room is bathed with natural light and proper ventilation is prioritized. 

Open floor plans are common with this style with a lot of emphasis on the living room than the rest of the house because of the entertaining and relaxation theme. 

In the kitchen, white cabinets with Duco finishing are essential and can add visual depth to your kitchen. Drop-down pendant lighting is also a common element above the dining tables and kitchen islands. 

Furniture and Fabrics

When looking for furniture to suit this style, opt for minimalistic and modern pieces that can complement your color palette and materials. Think about a beach resort interior, stick to modern pieces that add simplicity and casual emphasis to the overall look.

Plush sofas with washable fabrics in white, light grey, or beige are common. Wooden dining sets with minimalistic features are good investments. Add extra individual seating pieces, ottomans, and wooden armchairs to add warmth to your living space.

You can utilize a bicolor light curtain for a twist on the simplicity of white with added color elements. Make sure that these curtains are not heavy and evoke a light and airy feel.


Even though Hamptons style is based on beach elements you don’t have to add nautical elements to your decor, save the beach elements to the color palette and the materials. 

For a sofa or bed, add in throw pillows with textures contrasting with the rest of the fabric surface, also incorporate some wicker baskets beside the side tables. It not only adds visual interest to your furniture but also varies the design by incorporating complementing textures. 

Lastly, add some greenery to your living space, greens are luxurious just like in the Casino Royale James Bond film. It not only adds a pop of color to your design but is also good for cleaning the air quality in your home.