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Asiaone Korean Curtain Bangs

Are you probing for an easy-peasy option to manage your thick full brim? Why not try curtain bangs? 

Popularized by Taeyeon and Jisoo of Blackpink, this booming trend of hairstyle practically frames the visage better and creates a faux impression of a slimmer look. This straits times piece will break down the basics of this trend to you.

This updo is low maintenance and doesn’t require extra care and can easily camouflage with the rest of your hair when you decide to get rid of it.

Before you want to decide to join the sensation of curtain bangs gang, you might want to read along for some tips on how to maintain this look.

What are Curtain Bangs?

As the name implies, the bangs are trimmed at an angle like a curtain on your forehead. The bangs however are longer that might get past the eyebrow line and then cut at a relatively precise angle. The middle section of the cut is shorter and slowly increases the size of the ears.

This look can be utilized in many ways and can adapt to any face shape. The hairdo is also very versatile and can be complemented with any combination of articles in your wardrobe. All you need to do is to modify a little bit to suit your face.

Can Get Curtain Bangs at Home?

If you decide that you want to wield curtain bangs, you should first begin with a cut that brushes your cheekbones then gradually get shorter.

If you follow this, you should place your shortest cut in the middle section of your forehead and then extend downwards to your jawline.

Ivy Li posted on her YouTube channel a tutorial on how to get curtain bangs at home and the perfect tools and pieces of equipment to get the job done. 

First, she brushes her hair to get rid of tangles, then she sections her hair in front to separate from the rest of the hair, then she creates a triangle shape out of her front section hair.

She separates the strands from the rest of the hair and starts trimming. Ivy then creates two roughly chin-length pieces.

Using a precise move, she slowly trims her hair softly until all the needed hair is cut. She does this technique to create a soft transitional look rather than straight-up trimming.

How to Customize My Curtain Bangs?

When you are done perfecting to cut your bangs it is now time to style them according to your preferences. YouTuber Cynthia Dhidis has some tips so get your blow dryer and a round brush to get started.

She begins by rolling her brush in the bangs and moves it in a rotating motion. She then shapes her hair around her face. She then blows her hair side to side when she is satisfied with the shape and repeats the process.

What Goes With Curtain Bangs?


If you are not into bangs, you can go with waves to hide out your bangs. This hairdo is popularized by Yoona, and it is perfect if you are in the midst of an unruly bangs problem.

With the Rest of Your Hair Tied Up

The curtain bangs are also perfect with loose and elegant updos. You can take inspiration with IU who nailed the hairstyle perfectly. The tousled effect is also perfectly essential in this look.

To add volume and minimize the frizz, you can use dry shampoo on your strands.

With Short Hair

Lee Joo Young wielded the short hair curtain bangs perfectly. She slightly curled the bangs and paired the look with her short hair. She completed the look by adding texturizing hairspray for a summer beachy wave look.

With Lots of Texture

Just in case you didn’t know, any texture of hair can be cut into curtain bangs. Kim Sejeong’s curly curtain bangs are just like a mermaid’s wavy hair.

With Straight Hair

As we said earlier, this style can adapt to any hair texture, as in this case, straight hair is also perfect. Shin Mina’s lengthy silk hair can serve as an inspiration for this look.

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