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The pandemic has affected so many industries especially the leisure department, this has led many major events like the World Series of Poker to switch into virtual tournaments temporarily. 

Now that the pandemic has slowly run its course and restrictions are slowly clearing, the WSOP this year is now in full throttle at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Sin City. 

However, it will never be the same as before the pandemic began.

Mid-Pandemic Poker Tournament

Like many major international events, WSOP is adapting to the effects of the Covid-19 global crisis. It is very difficult for an event that involves thousands of poker fans congregating in an indoor space with players handing over chips and cards back and forth.

However, much to our concern, after touching those objects, some of these players are also touching their noses and mouths. We can’t blame them because it is hard to keep track of the movements of your hands when you’re in the middle of a game.

It’s surprising, however, that some of these concerns could bleed into the volatile world of Twitter. Recently, Justin Bonomo who is a WSOP bracelet winner three times has accused one of his contemporaries of violating the safety and health protocols of the WSOP Main Event.

Bonomo’s Allegations

In all fairness, Bonomo didn’t name drop the player he is accused of exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms who is playing in a similar table as him during the event for two days. However, he is driven to voice his complaints to the tournament for allowing the same player especially when he learned that the player had tested positive for contracting the coronavirus after the event.

It is understandable that the players for this year’s WSOP are still a little bit cautious especially when a guy in seat 3 is allegedly sneezing and wheezing. 

According to the protocols imposed for this year’s event, proof of vaccination is required, albeit face coverings are not during the tournament. It is also understandable that the requirements for masks are dropped since reading the facial expressions and behaviors of the opponents is one of the strategies in the casino poker table.


Back on Twitter, fans of poker didn’t have to wait for so long to know who the player in Bonomo’s blind item was. It is because the alleged player has ratted himself out, it is no other than a professional poker player, Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen.

Big Huni said, “Well, this is extremely dramatic and overstated. I didn’t realize I had Covid until after the 50k event. After the competition, I went out with 7-8 of my closest buddies, my wife, and my cousin, and we smoked on a hookah, blunts, joints, and other things with everybody.”

“Over the next few days, every single one of my companions tested negative. I purchased 40 quick tests, and everyone was continually testing. I could appreciate the rationale if only one of them had tested positive. But if they’re all negative, there’s no way I could have infected anyone from the 50k,” he added.

“I was indeed messed up from the coronavirus, and all I am concerned about was to keep myself alive and out of the hospital. I definitely should’ve said anything,” he remarked in retrospect.

Big Huni’s Other Controversies

Back in 2020, Big Huni was also tangled in a controversy when he challenged his Twitter followers with a bet that 100,000 individuals in the US will perish because of the Covid in September. 

In May 2020, the US had reached 100,000 deaths as he said and now had reached 777,000.

Even though he won the bet, he quickly apologized to his fans via Twitter and he made a promise that he will advocate for awareness about the effects of the Covid-19 on health.