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Inspired by the Healthcare Workers Who Cared for His Late Grandmother, 51-Year-Old Quits Job to Study Nursing at ITE

“How old are you?”, that is what a man in Singapore mostly receives from his classmates.

51-year old Mr. Desmond Ng has decided to leave his full-time job to study and pursue a career in nursing and he has no regrets. Read on in this Singapore news to find out about the inspiring story.

Now a Nursing Student

Now as a full-time second-year nursing student on Nitec at the Institute of Technical Education College East. He was inspired by how the nurses that took care of his late grandmother worked. His grandmother went in and out of hospital for three years until her death last year.

“I was impressed by how professional they were when looking after my granny, even if it was a messy and smelly situation that even I found hard to handle – and I was very close to her. I could feel they truly cared for her, and that moved me to want to be like them,” said Mr. Ng, who has no wife.

A Supportive Family

Mr. Ng lives with his two older sisters and 80-year old parents. He is thankful that his family was supportive when he decided to study in ITE last year in January.

“My sisters were happy that I wanted to do something meaningful, and my parents did not object as they would benefit from my nursing skills in the future,” he added.

Career Transitions

This isn’t the first time that he switched careers in his life. He worked in the company called SkillsFuture Singapore as an operations manager before entering ITE and he has a 19-year of experience in administrative jobs.

Before that, he also had nine years of experience as a pastry chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

“It takes courage to decide to switch careers, but I want to challenge myself to new things. I take it as there is no turning back, so I have to give it my best,” he said.

Adapting to School Life

His transition to school life wasn’t easy because his highest educational attainment is at N levels. He said to himself that he has to put in thrice his effort to be able to adapt to his teenage classmates.

“Initially, I was fearful because I had not studied anything related to biology and was afraid I could not cope or understand. But the teachers at ITE taught in such a well-structured way that as long as I put in the effort, I could follow, and it boosted my confidence.”

His diligence paid off as he is holding an excellent score of 4.0-grade points upon his entrance last semester. Aside from his classroom education, he also completed six months of clinical practice under the supervision of a professional at the Singapore General Hospital as a part of the curriculum in ITE.

Inspired to Care

He has more determination to become a nurse because of the application of the skills that he learned from school to his patients. 

“Some would say, ‘Thank you and see you outside,’ which makes me very happy, knowing that I have helped them recover,” he said.

Under the Professional Conversion Program of SGH, he will work there as a professional nurse after his graduation in January. He is looking forward to giving back to society and he is hoping that this will be his last work before he retires. 

“I want to be a nurse for 10, maybe 15 years. I want to do it for as long as I can,” he added.

Mr. Ng is a symbol of diligence and hope. He is a living statement that it is never too late to pursue your passions, all you have to do is to make a bold decision to trust your instincts and leap into the unknown.