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Asiaone Fast & Furious Han

The Fast and the Furious fans have already known director Justin Lin. While the American director who was born in Taiwan did not start the series, he improved the franchise further since he took over the franchise in Tokyo Drift. He has made the action-heist franchise a huge success not just in America but worldwide as well.

Kicking off the franchise

Few people are aware, however, that he first debuted popular character Han Lue in his 2002 crime drama, Better Luck Tomorrow, which starred Korean-American actor/producer Sung Kang as the fan-favorite. So it’s only fitting that, after Han died in the franchise, it’ll require Lin’s reappearance in the upcoming ninth chapter to resurrect him.

“Han is very special to me and I feel like I grew up with Han and Sung. We had gone through such a great journey so when we left I felt like ‘okay, that’s the end of our chapter with this character’,” according to Lin in straits times.

“But when one of the fans brought up #JusticeForHan I was really curious and when they told me what happened, I was baffled. Like why would anybody do that and also the treatment to Han, that made no sense.” 

Han’s death

Yes, Lin infamously “killed” Han in Tokyo Drift, only to reveal later that the events of Fast and Furious 4 to 6 take place chronologically before Tokyo Drift, despite being filmed after the third installment.

It didn’t help that, starting with the seventh film, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), the man who killed Han, returned to the series as a sort of anti-hero, and both the seventh and eighth films failed to mention Han’s death, causing outrage among fans who used the hashtag #JusticeforHan.

“I had very similar reactions with the fans and so when I came back, I felt like Justice for Han was needed. Me coming [back] felt like it was meant to be. I give the fans so much credit. For them to love a character so much that when there was something wrong, they voiced it to a point where we could have a real discussion so having him come back for all that to happen, meant a lot,” continued Lin. 

Han returns

When it was revealed in the F9 trailers that Han would be returning, fans flocked to the internet to express their joy, and Kang was one of the most moved. Returning to the franchise gives the actor the chance to work with his friend Lin, something he never expected to be able to do again.

“It was an honor to be invited back from the fans. It was an honor to be able to work with your friend that cares about this character so much. It means so much as an artist to have someone care about a character and understand you deeply enough to know where your strengths are and your weaknesses are and to be able to affect people through a character and to do it with a friend that you started your career with, you know that journey together is the Hollywood dream come true,” Kang said in an interview.

”Through art and films like Fast and Furious it shows that it does work by putting people of all different shapes and colors in the film, so I feel optimistic. And I realize that I’m not alone! We got Asian directors, we got actors, we got writers, producers in the game… we’re all trying to achieve the same thing, “ he added.


Fast & Furious 9 is directed by Justin Lin and stars Sung Kang as Han Seoul-Oh. It will be released in theaters on June 24, 2021. Until then, make sure to sign up in an online casino for exciting bonuses and new games.