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Kingdom season 3

Since the release of the first season of Kingdom in January 2019, the South Korean show has always put the audience on the edge of their seat. The series became a massive hit worldwide and became a most-watched show on the streaming platform Netflix. 

The straits times reveals new details about the new season of the series, so read along.

When season 2 was released in March 2020, the viewers became related to the storyline of the show that tackles a plague that kills people rapidly which is similar to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in the real world. Another thing is that the terminal episode left the viewer’s jaw dropped with a massive cliffhanger that essentially augmented the story further.

A Season 1 Recap

Kingdom season 1 tells the tale of Crown Prince of Joseon Korea Lee Chang played by Ju Ji-hoon as he tries to comprehend the origins of a zombie plague. After his father died, the King was resurrected by the Queen Consort Cho played by Kim Hye-jun with the enigmatic resurrection plant. 

To make matters worse, the plant itself is nestled with a parasite that causes the people to turn into zombies and rapidly spread the plague across the country. In the climax, a pack of zombies died by falling in the ice while the protagonist, the Crown Prince survived the ordeal unharmed. 

In the capital city, pretends to give birth to a questionable heir who is finally saved during a pivotal battle where the child was bitten by a zombie.

Season 2

In Kingdom season 2, the story jumps forward seven years for a few dramatic revelations.

During the Kingdom season 2 finale, the Crown Prince faked his death at least in line with the law, to let the Queen’s son be the rightful heir to the throne. When Chang and the rest of the gang traveled to the north to investigate, they met an enigmatic woman who was keeping the zombies alive. They also learned a significant amount of information regarding the Chinese who may be selling the seed plant to supplant the Joseon King, this matter can be potentially explored in the next season.

Meanwhile, Netflix hasn’t officially greenlit the third season of the series. The previous seasons took almost a year to complete, it is understandable that a new episode will be delayed in response to the ongoing Covid-19 problem which is continuing to wreak havoc globally. The South Korean Netflix series has amassed a massive fanbase so expect that the platform will release new episodes in the future.

Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Kingdom could potentially be released in 2021 if production is already on the wraps. Netflix has been silent about the series, but new episodes will potentially be released in late 2021 or early 2022. For now, it’s hard to determine an exact date of the release, but Netflix has revealed a special event episode that seems to confirm that season 3 will occur.

During the first two seasons of Kingdom, the plot explains the introduction and the setting of the zombie outbreak, it is essential to assume that in season 3 we will be given the reasons why the outbreak happens in the first place. 

The Spinoff Episode

The Crown Prince has met the mysterious woman named Ashin and the fact that she was keeping zombies alive will make her motives questionable. We also learned that the young King has a parasite inside him that could mutate into something worse. 

Ashin’s story will be presented in the Kingdom spinoff episode called “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”. Jun Ji-Hyun starts as the enigmatic Ashin who could potentially be from another country. The special episode will explain where she came from and her connection to the zombie outbreak. In November 2020, Netflix released a teaser but only shows that the spinoff may be released any time in 2021. 

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