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Leaks Revealed Facebook’s new Meta Watch to Compete with Apple Watch

If you haven’t heard, Facebook has undergone a rebranding, naming its parent company Meta. But the firm isn’t going to give us time to process that information because there’s a new, intriguing leak pointing to a prospective smartwatch product from the corporation (image above).

Meta is reportedly building a smartwatch that might pass for your handy Apple Watch, according to a leaked image disclosed in a Bloomberg story, with a similar wide display and frame but maybe more revolutionary functions.

Let’s get into the latest news in Singapore. Read on for the full story.

The leaked image

An image released online suggests that a wristwatch is currently being developed by Facebook Inc., now known as Meta. Many people believed that it exists to possibly compete with the Apple Watch. The watch in the image, which was discovered inside the Facebook View iPhone app, has a front-facing camera and a circular screen according to many SG News sites.

The watch may be controlled by either iPhones or Android devices, as the image was discovered in a glasses app called Facebook View. The watch is said to be called Milan, based on the data-mine. There was code found in the software that mentions the name, and the camera is said to be capable of collecting both photos and movies.

According to the Straits Times reports, these materials can then be downloaded onto a phone. Facebook’s new term is a catch-all for the company’s overall operation, so the app’s name won’t change. Meta’s official brands include Facebook, WhatsApp, Oculus, Instagram, and other platforms.

A new product to compete with Apple Watch

The watch features a front-facing camera that can be found near the very bottom of the display. There are also control buttons located on the right-hand side. Steve Moser, an app developer, is the one who made the discovery of the image.

A Meta representative declined to give out a statement regarding these leaks. All we know is that the image was discovered within the software data for its newest smart glasses collaboration with Ray-Ban.

In an AsiaOne article, it was mentioned that the huge display on the watch is similar to that on the Apple Watch. The only advantage it would have over Apple’s watch products is its camera, which many believe would make the Meta watch more appealing to the general public.

Meta’s watch, just like the Apple Watch, appears to have a heart-rate monitor as well. The leak also suggests that the launch will happen in early 2022, although no date has been confirmed nor set.

Expanding the metaverse with the Meta Watch

The wristwatch, of course, is part of Meta’s recently announced main metaverse business model, which includes wearable devices like Ray-Ban Stories, Oculus virtual reality headsets, and Portal video chat devices.

It has also launched the Spark AR augmented reality platform, which is part of Meta’s broader AR market offer. It has released Polar, an augmented reality program that allows users to create and share AR effects and filters, initially for Apple devices.

Even before Facebook’s parent company relaunched itself, the social media behemoth had set aside 6,000 personnel to work on a variety of AR and VR projects and experimental initiatives through its Facebook Reality Labs division.

There’s no official word yet

The image is thought to be the first proof that the corporation is gearing towards developing a smartwatch, however, it doesn’t mean that it will see the light of day as there’s still a huge possibility that this can still be scrapped entirely. Meta is also reportedly working on future generations of services and products, each of which is said to release one at a time.

In other Facebook/Meta Singapore news, Project Cambria, the next Oculus VR headset, is now in development. Oculus headsets will no longer require a personal Facebook account to use in the future. Meanwhile, pre-orders for the new Apple Watch Series 7 are now open.