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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton announced his choice to incorporate his mom’s maiden name, “Larbalestier,” in his surname following three days of intensive pre-season testing.

Hamilton has indicated that he plans to incorporate the surname of his mother into his identity. He claimed he was changing his name to honor his mother, who passed away last year. The 37-year-old Formula 1 star will start a fresh season this weekend with Mercedes in Bahrain.

We rarely hear the latest news in Singapore racing events so here’s one to keep you up with the pace. Without further ado, read on to learn more.

Profile Check: Lewis Hamilton

British Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton is currently employed by the professional team, ‘Mercedes AMG Petronas.’ One point separated Lewis Hamilton from winning the 2007 Formula One World Championship, making him one of the sport’s most promising newcomers.

Lewis hasn’t failed his supporters or his squad since that time. To date, he has won five Formula One World Championships, making him one of the most successful F1 drivers in the world. He is regarded as an all-rounder on the racetrack because he has excelled in virtually every facet of Formula 1 racing.

He has become the most prominent British F1 driver of all time, with the most career points and the most wins on different circuits. When it comes to wins in one season, he’s also broken the record for most consecutive victories without becoming the World Champion in 2016.

Lewis Hamilton is one of the finest Formula 1 racers of all time, and he’s only getting better. He is frequently likened to Michael Schumacher, a legendary racing driver.

Hamilton’s statement regarding his name change

In a Singapore news interview, Hamilton expressed his pride in the surname of his parents and grandparents. There are a lot of people who know him as “Larbalestier.” His mother’s name is “Larbalestier.”

He also claimed he finds it perplexing that a woman’s name is changed when she marries. He went on to say that he merely wants his mother’s name to be passed down through the generations.

When asked when he expected the shift to occur, the seven-time world champion responded that it’s something that they’re clearly looking into and that they’re working very hard for it soon.

At the age of 2, Lewis Hamilton’s father Anthony, and mother Carmen divorced. It was only fitting that the racing driver’s mother was present when he was knighted at Windsor Castle by Prince Charles.

It’s not known if Hamilton wants to hyphenate his last name or in what order the names will be arranged. When Prince Charles presented Hamilton with a knighthood in December, Hamilton requested his mother to join him.

What’s next?

Last season, Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton lost the championship in a contentious finish to Max Verstappen on the penultimate lap of the Abu Dhabi GP when Michael Masi (race director) made some stunning decisions.

There were some alarming indicators for his Mercedes F1 team following the Bahrain pre-season tests that the 37-year-old has made apparent.

Max Verstappen‘s contentious victory in the 2021 drivers’ championship has left him looking for a fresh start in his 16th season of racing. But Sir Lewis, following last week’s last test, stated he was concerned that his Mercedes team was lagging trailing Red Bull and Ferrari, and that his car was not quick enough.

He brought up Bahrain during his speech at Expo 2020 Dubai, saying that the situation there would be difficult. With his crew at Brackley and Brixworth, he had high hopes of getting more mileage out of his car.

As Hamilton previously acknowledged in an additional interview, winning his family’s first Formula One title would be a life-changing experience. That’s how he feels about his family’s history, and that’s why he thinks a name change is so vital.