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Asiaone Covid 19 cases drop to lowest

Singapore only just has one case of locally transmitted Covid-19 disease on July 4. This is an indicator of the lowest figure of local cases being reported daily since the reemergence of the virus at the beginning of this year.

According to the Health Minister of Singapore, this Sunday’s update that the patient is not related to any existing cases reported.

Closed Cases

There have also been two coronavirus cluster cases that were finally resolved, one of which is related to the industrial manufacturer Tektronix, as of now, there have been no new cases emerged these past 28 days.

At the moment, there have been 24 active clusters, consisting of three to 93 individuals. The hugest active cluster is the one related to a market and hawker center in the 115 Bukit Merah View. 

Overall, there were 26 community cases reported last week, while 95 in number in the week before. The number of unrelated cases dwindled down from 17 to two in the same duration. 

Current Cases Report

According to the Ministry of Health, there were reported 10 critical cases on Sunday. The reported cases are also undergoing a mandatory quarantine either with a stay-at-home notice or quarantined upon arrival in Singapore. Nine were reported positive for the virus upon arrival with the latter contracted the disease while in isolation. 

Currently, there are 103 Covid-19 patients hospitalized due to the contraction of the coronavirus. The big fraction of these are alive and well albeit under observation although 10 need oxygen and two of which are requiring assistance in the intensive care unit. 

In 28 days, 22 individuals developed critical illnesses that required oxygen, intensive assistance, or resulted in death. According to Asiaone, nine of these were never vaccinated and three were partially received the vaccination. 

Vaccination Program Update

The MOH also reported the current number of vaccination updates in Singapore; 5.7 million vaccines were already implemented within the Covid-19 vaccination program of the government. 

According to the report, at least 3.6 million individuals were already administered one dose of the vaccine while at least 2.2 million completed their vaccination with the second dosage. 

Mr. Lawrence Wong of the Finance Ministry and who is also co-chairperson of the multi-ministry task force that oversees the pandemic effects is set to give an official statement on the coronavirus support measures to the Parliament on Monday. 

This is ahead of the Supplementary Supply Bill that will enforce the redistribution of the funds for the pandemic measures revealed in May and June for phases two and three. 

Global Weekly Cases Reached Its Nadir

Since February, the weekly Covid-19 cases worldwide dropped gradually into their nadir this month. Although, the World Health Organization admitted that end is still a long way since there is a struggle in the vaccine supply in many countries, new emerging variants, and the exasperated health systems.

The WHO is currently tackling another emerging variant of the virus called Lambda Variant first seen in Peru. It possesses markers indicating that it can be transmissible. 

According to the weekly updates of the pandemic by the WHO, there is a straight drop of 12% last week compared to its preceding week. The decline is seen in all the continents except Africa. The five nations that are still experiencing a relatively large number of cases are India, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and the United States. 

Final Words

The relative decline of the cases can be attributed to the continuous vaccination programs and other draconian measures of many countries to tackle the effects of the coronavirus. The fight may not be over but we are optimistic that the end of this pandemonium will come right in the corner. We hope that the economy will reopen to accommodate the casinos and online casinos like Sg pools