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Samsung Galaxy Note

We had all anticipated this day. Samsung, on the other hand, never formally declared the Galaxy Note’s demise, merely mentioning that it would skip 2021 and that the Note’s spiritual successor is going to be the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

According to South Korean news outlet Dailian (who first reported the news) and citing Samsung’s mobile business director Roh Tae-moon at Mobile World Congress 2022, the Galaxy Note brand is officially dead. Let’s dive into the tech news today in Singapore!

The end of the line?

The Galaxy Note will now come out as “Ultra” going forward, according to Roh who told reporters ahead of his visit to Samsung’s stand at this year’s MWC in Barcelona.

That newest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra bestseller, which Roh is referring to is the recent Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has the same features of the Note series as the S22 and the S22 Ultra, save for the moniker.

However, many people appear to have been missing the recent Singapore news that the Galaxy S22 Ultra this year includes S Pen functionality, as well as a specialized socket for the stylus. Galaxy Note 20 will be the last of the Note series to ship in 2020.

In 2021, however, the Galaxy S21 debuted with compatibility for the S Pen, despite the absence of an integrated compartment in the phone itself.

Samsung never officially announced that the Note series would come to an end with the Note 21. Because of the persistent chipset shortage, the Note series would not be released in 2021. The Note series appears to be being phased out in favor of the Ultra as a result of this apparent shift in strategy.

What this means for their other products

Early reports across plenty of SG news sources stated that Samsung was focusing more on foldable devices. For the first time, the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold will be released in August, which is traditionally when Samsung unveils its Note series.

Sales of the Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 are expected to exceed Samsung’s total foldable sales in 2020, proving that the business has also had some success in the foldable market.

The demise of the Galaxy Note series marks the end of an era in Samsung’s illustrious line of flagships. After all, the Galaxy Note was derided as a phablet when it originally arrived in October 2011.

However, it would then go on to demonstrate its naysayers wrong and just become a system-seller despite being too large for its period. Even though screens larger than 6-inches are now ubiquitous, the Note was the catalyst for this development.

Is it really the end for the brand?

The Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 will be Samsung’s final Note-branded smartphones when they are released in 2020, following the company’s decision to skip the business-oriented Note line last year. This marks the end of a beloved device line that started with the iconic Samsung Galaxy Note back in 2011.

Despite this, Samsung’s Note series hasn’t always had an easy time of it. In 2016, the company’s reputation was severely tarnished by the recall and subsequent cancellation of its Galaxy Note 7, which had exploded batteries.

However, the Galaxy Note 8 resurrected the brand with a vengeance, and its dedicated following has remained strong ever since. Fortunately, the newly redesigned S-series will continue to satisfy the Note cravings of those customers.

Closing thoughts

There’s no assurance that Samsung would retain the Note DNA intact when it comes to future huge flagship phones; Samsung might run off the rails with the looks, or switch to foldables such as the speculated Galaxy Z Fold 4.

In terms of features, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only Galaxy S-series phone to date that can deliver the full Note experience while simultaneously being a Galaxy S-series phone.

It’s just appropriate to raise a glass and celebrate as we bid our goodbye to the Galaxy Note family. It’s an incredible device that has been a lifesaver for many countless others. The Galaxy Note is no longer, yet its legacy will surely live on.