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Louis Vuitton honours memory of designer Virgil Abloh with his final collection

Louis Vuitton, the global maison de couture, revealed the final collection of their beloved designer—the late Virgil Abloh.

Posthumous collection

The multidisciplinary designer died on November 28, 2021 at the age of 41 following a two-year fight with cancer. Louis Vuitton scheduled beforehand a fashion show in Miami on November 30, 2021 that showcased the designer’s 2022 Spring-Summer collection. 

It previously seemed that the show would be Abloh’s posthumous work, however, it was revealed that he was already finished with his Fall-Winter collection.

The collection was Abloh’s eighth fashion show ever since he was hired by the fashion house in 2018 as its artistic director of menswear. His final collection was unveiled on Thursday at Paris Fashion Week. The show was one of the planned tributes to Abloh in 2022, and it was presented in two parts—one for the press and one for Abloh’s friends and family.

The theme of the show

The catwalk show was helmed by Ib Kamara, a multi-talented stylist and editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Daze, he is also from Sierra Leone. Prior to Abloh’s death, Kamara already collaborated with the late designer in his Spring-Summer roster.

According to Kamara, he said “We tried our best to keep presenting the collection the way Virgil would’ve envisioned it. One of the fascinating things about Virgil is that he always throws new and creative ideas every season, and at the same time it doesn’t stray far off from the previous seasons.”

According to Michael Burke, The CEO of Louis Vuitton, he said “Abloh’s shows always come back in full circle, each show was somewhat connected to his previous works. He also includes several metaphors on each of his shows such as a house, a boy, etc. His latest collection is also Burtonesque with a touch of elements from Wizard of Oz.

Abloh also recently has an obsession with the concept of dreams and juvenility. The Paris Fashion Week show was presented with a surrealistic dream theme, along with the haunting sounds of a full orchestra in the background. The set includes a half-sunken house with a red roof in a sea of sky blue dreamscape. 

The models and performers worked their way through the set pieces that included chairs, a long dining room table and a king-sized bed. 

The collection and the concepts behind it

The models and performers wore the pieces from Abloh’s Fall-Winter collection which also featured varsity jackets, spike-eared-hats and several iconic duffle bags. 

Kamara also noted the colorful palette on the pieces, with a huge interplay on tapestry. The menswear is also bold and devoid of typical masculine elements. 

The models also don gossamer kite wings that signifies the innocence and vulnerability of youth. The abstract concept of dreams is also prevalent in the show which also reflects in the models’ laced wings. There is something angelic and ominous at the same time in the model’s dresses.

The design is also a mashup of street and couture style, featuring elements from both fashion realms such as laces, skirts, heels, caps, and several pieces that breaks through the limits of gender binary system. 

The ending of the fashion show was emotional and holds a profound meaning to Abloh’s family, friends, and supporters. 


Other than being a fashion designer, Abloh’s career also bleeds into several disciplines and industries including DJ-ing, furniture design, visual art, architecture, and entrepreneurship. Born in Illinois, his parents are from Ghana. 

Abloh was deemed as the first black American who received worldwide recognition as a creative director of a high profile fashion house and an international brand. His philanthropy also includes supporting young fashion designers that have African and Afro-American upbringing.
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