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Lucasfilm and Seagate Collaborate to Bring Star Wars Mandalorian Beskar Ingot Seagate Drives

The first release in cooperation to introduce designs inspired by the Star Wars series to its line of PC gaming storage devices, Seagate Technology Holdings has launched the new Star Wars Beskar Ingot Drives, taking gamers’ battle stations to the next level.

The unrivaled characteristics of Beskar, also known as Mandalorian Iron, made it the ideal alloy for crafting Mandalorian armor. Wait till you hear about the new massive storage drives if the recent unveiling of The Mandalorian Beskar Ingot card wallet wasn’t enough.

If you’re missing out on the latest Singapore news read on.

About Seagate

The computer hardware division of Seagate Technology Holdings Public Limited Company is the company’s most well-known product. Hard disk drives for enterprise applications, client compute and non-compute applications, backup systems, portable external storage, and digital media are designed, manufactured, and sold by the company.

Seagate Technology creates the datasphere, assisting humanity in realizing its full potential by developing world-class, precision-engineered info storage and management solutions while focusing on long-term collaborations. For more than 40 years, the company has been a global technological pioneer, shipping over three billion gigabytes of data capacity.

The Xbox range of storage expansion cards was one of the company’s most recent announcements. The Xbox SSD proved to be our favorite drive at the conference, despite the fact that Seagate drives are fast and reliable across desktops and game consoles. A stick-like SSD must be properly seated in a PS5 or PC, which requires some effort and skill.

According to many Singapore news reports, the Xbox drive is a plug-and-play cartridge-based technology that connects directly to the console. You receive the same fast read and write speeds as an internal SSD, but with a superior design that now supports storage capacities of up to two terabytes.

A dream collaboration

The Beskar Ingot drives are high-performance variants of the Firecuda PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD and SATA drives with a Mandolorian-inspired design. While these drives won’t be accessible until later this season according to an AsiaOne News article, they’re fantastic for any fan or collector looking to jazz up the interior of their PC.

The collaboration’s first release honors the legends of the Star Wars Mandalorian realm. These drives give the FireCuda line-up the distinctive Star Wars fictitious metal appearance. M.2 NVMe, 2.5-inch SATA, and external HDD formats will be available in the special edition designs.

Each drive is designed to look like a Beskar ingot, complete with an Imperial stamp that appears prominently throughout the series, making these drives the ideal Star Wars collectible.

The premium and precious design

The PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD is the brand’s fastest SSD, with incremental read/write performance of up to 7000/6850MB/s, making it up to nine times more powerful and efficient than SATA-based SSDs. A lot of SG News outlets had praised this.

The 2.5-inch physical factor of the SATA SSD makes it a versatile piece of hardware that can be easily integrated into a variety of designs. The external HDD has a configurable RGB LED bar and plug-and-play functionality.

As a result, the Beskar Ingot Drives are not only attractive but may also meet users’ actual hardware requirements.

Product information

The new drives come with a five-year warranty from Seagate and three years of Rescue Data Recovery Services, so customers can rest easy knowing that their data is safe and secure. This is the first of numerous designs that will be released as part of this partnership.

The Star Wars Beskar Ingot Drives will be released in time for the holidays, with pricing to be revealed closer to the time of release. Despite the fact that the Star Wars saga spans millennia, the wait for this film won’t be that long.

The Star Wars Beskar Ingot Drives will be released soon, just in time for the holidays. Throughout the coming year, Seagate will showcase additional famous Star Wars designs. You can check more information about this collaboration and more of Seagate’s quality line of products at the Straits Times website where they cover all the latest tech-related trends that you can munch on.