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An unnamed man who had set plans to board Dream Cruises’ World Dream ship is anxious of losing his deposit of $6,000 after the company shut down its operations on March 2. 

The plan that went nowhere

According to the latest news in Singapore, the 40-year-old man stated that he had planned to bring his mother and close friends on a cruise ship vacation to nowhere with the duration of four days and three nights. The ten-member group was supposed to board the ship on March 20, however their plans were halted because of the sudden bankruptcy of the cruise ship company.

He stated, “Even though the company made a liquidation, I still think that the ship would still be set for operation. Considering the fact it will be impossible to make a payment for their debts if they stop. That is why I decided to not cancel my booking at that moment.”

A company went bankrupt

On Monday, the parent company of the cruise operator Genting Hong Kong released an official statement that says that the customers who have completely paid deposits for scheduled boarding must submit their proof to the company after Wednesday. 

According to Genting Hong Kong, they said “Our company is currently undergoing an assessment of the effects of the shut down of operation of the World Dream, most specifically its ability to meet all of the refund requests.”

They said that those customers who like to submit their claims should send an email to the joint provisional liquidators and include a copy of payment records and booking confirmation so that they can assess them. 

Back in November 2020, The World Dream of Dream cruises started offering their passengers the chance to board cruises to nowhere. The only other company that offers the same services in Singapore is the Quantum of the Seas of Royal Caribbean.

On January 19, Genting Hong Kong, the owner of cruise operators Dream Cruises, Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises, made an announcement that it will file for bankruptcy and they hired liquidators.

Effects of the pandemic

The company has its base of operation in Hong Kong and it was considered as the innovator of the cruise operations industry in Asia. The founder and chairman of the company, Malaysian tycoon Lim Kok Thay stood firm two days later as he found the company in deep crisis. 

The most iconic ship of the company is the Genting Dream, the ship weighs 150,000 tonnes, it has 36 restaurants, it houses a 999-seat theater, two spa rooms and two swimming pools. Nowadays, the ship is stagnant in the outer harbor of Hong Kong.

It was confirmed that Genting will continue to keep some parts of its business in operation which includes some of the cruises. 

The effects of the Covid-19 on the whole international cruise industry is devastating. In the end, Genting was destroyed by the strict pandemic limitations in its base port in Hong Kong, where it was supposed to have its six-months anniversary of its founding of cruises to nowhere back in January 30.


In September 2020, the shutdown of the cruises around the world caused the industry to suffer a loss of $50 billion. The huge effect of the pandemic in the economic sector of the city could be catastrophic but some members in the industry are trying to cope from its impact. 

As the epidemic continues to ravage the world, some industries are slowly dying and some are forced to adapt to the new situations. After this pandemic, the tourism and service sector would never be the same and the only way to move forward is to embrace the change.