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Man Gets 29 Years' Jail, Caning For Sexually Abusing Daughter for Nearly 5 Years

On July 21, a 40-year old man was sentenced to a 29-year term in jail and 24 strokes of the cane on grounds of repeatedly sexually assaulting his daughter for nearly five years.

The man was found guilty of his crimes of 14 charges of sexual assault via penetration and child molestation. The crimes were committed when the daughter was of 10 to 14 years of age. We at Asiaone news uncovered the story below, read on to find out what happened.

Lack of Remorse

During the trial, he accuses her of framing him because he found out that her daughter was committed to premarital sex with her boyfriend. He also accused his ex-wife that she is manipulating their daughter to contrive allegations against him and argued that the police has offered him bail if he signed for scripted statements to revoke his claim.

According to Eugene Lee and Colin Ng, the deputy public prosecutors handling the case, the man’s allegations and attempts to attack the characters of his wife and daughter show his lack of remorse and introspection about his behaviors.

His attitude at trial and severely exacerbated type of his offenses deserve a sentence that was vindictive and determent, said the prosecutors.

A Silent Suffering

The media was prohibited not to name the man due to the gag order of the court to protect the rights of his daughter who turned 20. Her parents divorced in 2012.

According to the prosecutors, the incident was only revealed when the stepfather of the victim asked her about her relationship with her father. The girl, her parents, elder brother, younger sister, and a domestic worker slept together in a studio-type room of an apartment in Yishun in 2010.

Her narration continues by stating that her father touched her while the rest of the family was asleep and instructed her not to tell anyone. He then goes to continue his acts.

The Abuse Continued

After her family moved to Woodlands in a four-roomed apartment in 2011, the relationship of her parents crumbled. The poor girl was forced to sleep with her father while her mother was in another room.

He even emphasized to her that she will “lose her father” if she told anyone about their sexual activities, and the girl eventually submitted to her fate. The prosecutors stated that “Despite the victim repeatedly telling the accused to stop the sexual activities, the accused was unrelenting.”

The accused was granted custody and control of the girl following the divorce. She went back to the Yishun apartment with her father and brother but eventually ran away to her mother in 2013 albeit still not telling her about the abuse.

Revelations of a Victim

The girl returned to her father’s apartment but eventually left by the end of 2014. Finally, in November 2017, she revealed to her stepfather and mother about the abuse she experienced from her real father. A police report was made that month in response to the incident.

During the trial, the daughter testified on a stand that he even told her after the abusive act that it was called “sex” and that was what her parents do and it’s normal and even went further as having anal intercourse with her. She also revealed that her experience of the abuse affected her sleep, performance at school and changed her perception of the role of a father.

The lawyers of the accused from Abdul Rahman Law Corporation had appealed for a bearable sentence of 18 years’ jail and 15 strokes of the cane. They also argued that the man had been a good father to her up until the crimes were committed. Eventually, he was still sentenced to 29 years in jail for his crimes.


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