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What was supposed to be a simple visit in a Decathlon Singapore Lab to shop and walk around ended up with an accident, a man shivering in agonizing pain and his nose bleeding?

40-year old Mr. Michael Kwok was allegedly hit by a stray golf ball on his nose at the sports shop in Kallang around 10:30 PM last Friday. 

A Dangerous Incident

Mr. Kwok told Asiaone, “My friend and I were near the basketball section when all of a sudden, something hit my face.”

“I had no idea what it was but all (I felt) was a sharp pain. It was so excruciating that I just lost my balance and collapsed (on the ground).

“The impact felt so great. My whole face was in so much pain that I didn’t even notice I was bleeding until my friend told me.”

Mr. Kwok, an engineer, thought that a golf ball hit his nose according to someone around him at that time.

He also said, “I overheard a staff member saying it was a golf ball that hit me. It makes sense because what could be so small yet hard enough to (cause such an) injury? I doubt it was a ping pong ball.” 

Bystanders to the Rescue

In the middle of the incident, someone is so kind as to call for an ambulance and others are promptly attending to him.

“The people around me were so kind. One of the shoppers said she is a trained nurse and checked my vitals, and someone else also put a blanket on me because I was shivering so much” said Mr. Kwok.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force also noted that they got a call for aid at 230 Stadium Boulevard, the site of Decathlon Singapore Lab – and also took one person to Singapore General Hospital.

Investigations Are Rolling

A spokesperson for the police also said that a formal report was in and investigations about the incident are ongoing.

Mr. Kwok was told in the hospital that he had suffered a fracture in the bone in the nasal bridge.

“My nose is crooked. And I can’t do anything about it now because the swelling needs to subside before any re-alignment (can be done),” he said, adding that he now eats with difficulty because of the pain.

“I still do not know who was responsible for hitting the golf ball. I was pretty far away from the golf (testing area) when it happened – maybe about 20m.”

It Could Have Been Worse

Even though the experience was excruciating, he felt very lucky that it could have been worse.

“I think I am lucky that the ball did not hit my eye. If it did, I might (have been) blinded.

“I also am thankful that my three kids were not with me (when it happened).

“We usually go to Decathlon together, but that night, they were with my in-laws. I can’t imagine what would happen if they had got injured instead of me.”

According to the spokesman for Decathlon Singapore, “We are extremely sorry for the accident that Mr. Kwok experienced at the Decathlon Singapore Lab.

The Test Zone Was Closed

“We treat all our customers as friends and our customers’ safety is of utmost priority to us. We are investigating this incident and analyzing the footage captured on our in-store CCTV (closed-circuit television).”

The spokesperson also added that the company has sent regards to Mr. Kwok and decided to close the golf test zone at Decathlon Singapore Lab in Kallang.

“While our test stations have prominently displayed precautionary signage, we are now actively reassessing our testing stations and are committed to preventing a similar situation from happening in the future,” added the spokesman.

Final Words

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