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Marie Kondo

We all know Marie Kondo, right? She is the patron goddess of vlogmas and homemakers, she discovered a method to create a more organized lifestyle.

She is known for her books discussing her ‘KonMari Method’, a set of guiding principles that teaches us to properly categorize clutter and create a more organized living space to bring out the things that spark joy to us.

She is also popular in her Netflix lifestyle series called ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. The series features Kondo aiding ordinary people to organize their stuff and get rid of items that no longer sparks their joy.

We at Asiaone are also excited to reveal this exciting news.

A Joyful Announcement

Kondo announced that she and her producer husband Takumi Kawahara recently bring forth to this world a new addition to their household. A baby boy that sure sparks joy to everyone who sees him. She also added that her daughters Satsuki and Miko are doing well.

She recently posted on Instagram a photo of him and his sisters with the following caption: “It’s a boy! I am over the moon to welcome this bundle of joy into our family. We are all doing well.

“Now comes the fun part — spending this special time with our little guy.”

In January, the expert of decluttering revealed the news of her pregnancy. A lot of fans were excited about the news and many of them congratulated her.

A Bundle of Joy

During that time, she posted in her Instagram account an image of her growing bump with the following caption: “I have some news! Another bundle of joy on the way.

Her husband shared the announcement as well in his Instagram Story and said “Thank you so much”. The couple has been married since 2012 and they were blessed with three children.

Marie revealed that she has set her perfectionist tendencies aside ever since she had children. 

She said: “I used to be a perfectionist, but it became difficult to maintain that standard after having my children. So much was out of my control.

“I hope my openness on the subject will help others to ease up on impossible standards. I gave up on perfectionism a while ago!”

A Fierce Mom

The established writer of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up revealed that her children wouldn’t clean up their room on their own and need assistance.

However, she added, “They will when I ask them to!

“We make it a daily practice and tidy together at the end of the day.”

Marie said that she wasn’t concerned if her kids have tantrums and she said that she always understands their behavior and will do her best to correct them.

She added:  “It’s quite natural for kids to have tantrums — when they do, they do!

“I take the time to listen. Once they’ve calmed down, I ask them what’s bothering them, and then, to let them know I understand, I say, ‘So that made you sad,’ or ‘That’s what you didn’t like.’ I try to honor their feelings.”

A Perfectionist Parent

Truly, being a parent is hard enough, let alone also being a successful writer of books about household management. The expectations are high, but even the most perfectionist person is not perfect and she admitted she will continue to learn as a parent as her children grow up.

The decluttering star is a new addition to the long line of experts when it comes to the domestic side of living and managing the household like Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson. Many vlogmas and lifestyle bloggers are also inspired by her KonMari method and taught them to efficiently organize their homes.

Arigatto. Marie Kondo.

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