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Medvedev targets top ranking with Djokovic future uncertain

The two-time US Open winner from Russia overcame a difficult test against Australian Open second-round opponent Nick Kyrgios on Thursday, winning in four sets and advancing to the third round.

Djokovic will not lose his global number one ranking this week regardless if Medvedev turns out to be triumphant at the Australian Open. In the final match at Flushing Meadows, Medvedev defeated Djokovic in straight sets to win his first major and shrink the deficit even further.

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It’s all about determination

Daniel Medvedev won the US Open this year. In spite of the uncertainties surrounding Novak Djokovic, he stated that he was striving for the world’s number one ranking. Soon, the future will be playing.

Defeating Nick Kyrgios in four sets in the Australian Open second round on Thursday, Russia’s US Open champion is one step closer to a third Grand Slam title. Even though Medvedev triumphs at the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic will not drop the world’s number one ranking in the next two weeks.

However, if Medvedev defeats Djokovic in the final of Flushing Meadows, he can cut the deficit even further. Before facing Beautic van de Zandshurp, Medvedev indicated that if they can acquire significant results, they can accomplish it.

Facing major consequences

Former Australian tennis player Sam Groth thinks Novak Djokovic confronts an unclear career path at this year’s Grand Slam competitions despite returning to Serbia to a hero’s welcome.

Aside from his ultimate expulsion being a major story leading up to this year’s first Grand Slam, Groth believes that the vaccination status problem will follow him. Many SG news outlets think so, too.

Finally winning a remarkable 20 Grand Slams, Djokovic is even with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

In the meantime, new legislation aimed at preventing the unvaccinated from entering public areas  such as stadiums could also prevent the top-ranked male tennis player from competing in this year’s French Open.

While the Grand Slam event begins in late May, it’s possible that the anti-vaccine movement will continue to hold up the athlete as a hero in the face of the recent fiasco in Australia, raising the possibility that the athlete will have to deal with a long-term struggle.

Roxana Maracineanu, Romania’s sports minister, said on the news in Singapore that a vaccine will be required. This applies to French citizens as well as visitors from other countries who travel to France for a variety of reasons, such as vacation, business, or even to play a sport for fun.

The unfortunate uncertainty

Djokovic, for example, says he’s finally returned from COVID-19, but the mechanics of the regulation are still being worked out. In order to be excused from vaccine requirements, how recent must the infection be? Wimbledon begins in late June, and Djokovic is the reigning Wimbledon champion.

Athletes who are neither competing nor training during their stay in England have been granted exemptions from certain coronavirus laws.

The US Open’s governing body, the US Tennis Association, has announced that it will adhere to federal immunization requirements. It made quite a buzz across many news Singapore sites.

Aware that he may also become the first-ever man since 2004 who didn’t come from one of the Big Four to occupy the top slot in Melbourne, Dmitry Medvedev prepared for the challenge.

This year’s Australian Open men’s draw may have had an asterisk attached to it because of Djokovic’s absence, but Medvedev strongly disagreed and declared that he would be just as deserving of credit for taking the No. 1 slot as anyone else.