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MGK and Megan Fox Celebrates Their Engagement by Drinking Each Other’s Blood

Actress Megan Fox and rapper Machine Gun Kelly are set to tie the knot with their recent announcement of their engagement after dating for one year and six months. 

Let’s discuss in this latest Singapore news about the recent development of these celebrity couple’s relationship.

Engagement announcement

The pair posted their big announcement on Instagram, with Fox sharing a video of the rapper’s proposal under a reclining banyan tree where she revealed they have met 18 months before. 

According to the caption, she said “Both of us requested for a miracle. We were unaware of the difficulties that we would confront together in a very brief, frenzied duration of time. We were ignorant of the effort and sacrifice that our relationship would need from us but we were drunk on love and destiny.”

“After a year and a half, having been through all of it and both of us laughed at all the odds, he eventually asked my permission to marry him.”

“And similar to the lifetimes that we lived before and as in the lifetimes that will follow this one, I answered yes, and then we consumed each other’s blood.”

A unique engagement ring

The rapper who was born Colson Baker, also posted another video to his Instagram feed, the post depicts Fox’s special ring that showcases a diamond and an emerald, which are each other’s birthstones. 

According to the caption, he said “I know that it is supposed to be one ring according to tradition, however, Stephen Webster and I designed our engagement ring to be two. The first one is her birthstone emerald and then the diamond which is my birthstone. Both stones were contained in two rings intertwined in one, representing our love.”

Their engagement is deemed as a cycle of some sort due to the fact that MGK posted last year a photo that shows he had a poster of Fox hanging from the wall of his bedroom when he was a teen. 

Destined to be together

According to Fox, who was married to actor Brian Austin Green before, she stated that she knew he was the one for her from the time that they met.

“The moment that I met him in a room and said hello to him while I gazed at his eyes, I knew right then and there that he was the one, because I believed in astrology and both of us are like lost parts of a whole.”

Machine Gun Kelly stated last year that he wears a necklace around his neck with a vial that contains Megan Fox’s blood. This move is inspired by Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton’s matching pendants back in the 2000s that also contain each other’s blood.

In a post on Valentine’s Day, MGK revealed his devotion to Fox with a sweet message on Instagram. He posted a gallery of photos showcasing their memories together with a caption “I wear your blood around my neck,” besides knife and blood emojis.

Among the gallery of memories MGK shared, one image featured a circular pendant with a flashy red smudge.

Back in July 2020, Both Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox revealed to the public about their relationship, this was after they met while filming their movie Midnight in the Switchgrass.

He also shared a mirror selfie in a balck-and-white filter with a caption, “I waited for eternity to find you again,” it alludes to the film Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Final Words

Fox, who was previously married to Brian Austin Green filed for divorce back in November. At that time, she posted a lot of images on her social media accounts professing her love for his “oddly handsome man.” The date of their wedding is still not revealed, but the fans of both celebrities are happy for their engagement announcement