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Does size matter? An immortal question people always ask when it comes to the thing that you already know.

You know the typical stereotyping had people with Asian men, that they have ‘joysticks’ that are below average. It seems common before but Asian men especially those who are living in Western countries are done with the issue. 

Asian Men Stereotypes

Kevin Kreider, the star of Bling Empire made a statement about it in his TikTok video discussing the real reasons why people don’t want to date Asian men.

However, if you were to ask Ludi Lin, the recent star of the Mortal Kombat 2021 reboot, he said that these stereotypes are a passé. He has grown tired of it and moved on and he hopes that people would do too. He also said that it’s all about looking forward to the future albeit he also recognized that the stereotype has also damaged a lot of Asian men.

He spoke to AsiaOne exclusively for his new film Mortal Kombat earlier this year, 33-year-old Ludi said: “I talk to Asian Americans here — mostly guys — and they come up and they go, ‘Man, I can never get dates. Girls don’t like us because they think Asians are this, Asians are that we have a small this and you know, that, right?’

“And I go, ‘Hey buddy, I outgrew this 20 years ago. Why are you still trying to grow it? It’s done, right? It’s behind you. You are the man you are now. So own up to it. Live up to it and look forward to the future.'”

The recent reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise is based upon the popular video game, Ludi plays Liu Kang, a Shaolin master assigned with the responsibility to defend Earthrealm from invaders.

Diversity in Hollywood

Even though the argument about Asian stereotypes (and their allegedly below average ‘member’) isn’t new, it’s certainly an appropriate one in the wake of Hollywood analysis itself.

It is no secret that the Hollywood industry has a lack of diversity when it comes to casting, and the issue has caused in recent years a lot of protests to filmmakers and casting directors to have a representation of actors of color in their films.

The tides have turned for black actors and actresses, but Asians still have few opportunities even though the massive success of Crazy Rich Asians has opened the doors a little bit.

Being a Chinese-Canadian actor in the middle of the Hollywood arena, Ludi also shared that he had a fair share of experiences regarding the issue including typecasting, prejudice, and lack of opportunities.

He added, “There are these forces at work and we can name these things all day long.” Although he explained that his method of dealing with the issue is to search for more complex roles and present meaningful stories that will benefit the world.

It is also his way of trying to improve his craft as an actor.

He pondered: “How do I have not just a more impactful effect, but a greater, more positive, effect? How can I change hearts and how can I change minds?”

A Compromise

As for moving the needle, Ludi thinks it’s all about searching for the perfect balance.

“You put it in the image of a needle, like there’s somewhere to get to, right? There’s nowhere to get to. It’s always a never-ending challenge to find the right balance because it will always swing back and forth… Like Taoism says you have to walk the middle way, right? We got to find the yin and the yang and find that right balance in the middle.”

He added: “It has changed a lot since Crazy Rich Asians but where’s Crazy Rich Asians 2? Joy Luck Club was an Asian-American movie that featured a lot of Asians [and it was] produced in Hollywood. And it took 25 years to do Crazy Rich Asians, which is like the [spiritual] successor of it.”
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