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Stranger Things 4

Netflix recently posted an enigmatic teaser for the fourth season of Stranger Things. The new teaser revolves around the traumatic experience of Eleven in Hawkin’s laboratory.

The teaser is fairly eerie and it doesn’t give away much to what’s going on in the next iteration of the series but it does imply that we will have a glimpse of the events of what happened to the other children in Hawkins National Laboratory and how Eleven escaped the facility.

This series may also let us see again the person responsible for these horrible experiments. As we assumed herein Asiaone news.

The New Teaser Analysis

This teaser is also a reminder that even though Stranger Things became known for its other-worldly adventure genre, the series is also offset with an incredible dose of horror elements.

The trailer also is an indicator of a return to Hawkins National Laboratory where it is a facility of MK Ultra experiments where Eleven was experimented upon and managed to escape in the pilot episode of the series.

Dr. Martin Brenner, the villainous director of the facility goes inside a room with colorful elements and eerily announces that he has something planned for the children imprisoned inside.

There is also eerie footage of security camera videos on multiple screens showing objects and images with blood splattered indicating that there was a violent incident that happened inside the rainbow rooms.

The video panned to several doors of the other rooms with each one labeled with a number and by the end of the video, it stopped with the room marked with the number 11 on the door.

This indicates that season four will reveal the fates of the other “numbers” in the facility and what their psychic powers are like Eleven and Eight. This is an exciting element since we never get to know the background story of the experiments and their purpose in the series since the previous seasons only focused on the Demogorgon plotline. 

The teaser ends in a short glimpse of Eleven panting heavily and opening her eyes in shock.

What We Know So Far

The previous seasons, the second season in particular teased that Dr. Brenner might still be around lurking in the series but in season three the plot was dropped to give way to the Russian story arc. However, we should never get our hopes low, we might see him again in the much-awaited fourth season.

Maybe, Dr. Brenner might be in Siberia assisting the Russians with the experiment on reopening the portal to Upside Down. The first teaser straightforwardly revealed that Jim Hopper is somehow alive, with the footage indicating that he is imprisoned in Russia.

We all know that he ended up ‘dying’ in the climax of Season Three sacrificing himself to save his family and friends to close the portal to Upside Down.

At the end of the third season, we also see Will, Jonathan, Joyce, and her newly adopted child Eleven move out from Hawkins to start fresh but also away from their friends in the town.

What To Expect

It is also implied that season four will initially be scattered in different places; some stayed behind in Hawkins, some in California, and one of them in the lion’s den in Russia.

We don’t have a confirmed release date yet for the fourth season but it is safe to assume that the series will drop next year given that the production is still happening.

Another interesting easter egg in the teasers is that the first teaser has mysterious numbers in the description box with 001/004. The second teaser has 002/004, revealing that two more teasers will arrive before the final trailer commences. 

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