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NS pay

The Singaporean Ministry of Defense has announced a new budget that will largely benefit the battle-ready national servicemen or NSmen.  

In this Singapore news, we will elaborate the details regarding this new compensation package and how it will benefit the new enlistees. 

New compensation package

The employees were urged to present a document of their claims that proved that they have lost income while they were doing their reservist duties. The budget includes a modern make-up salary and a new basic NS pay package of $1,600 every month, that the NSmen can get no matter what their rank or duty is.

During the National Budget dialogue in Parliament held on March 2, Minister of Defense Ng Eng Hen stated that the ministry established a new drive that will make an effort to deal with the persisting problems for NSmen, who before had to present documents that prove their fixed and mutable monthly salary to be compensated.

However, the Defense Minister did not disclose the exact date that the initiative will start. According to Ng, with the efforts, more than 100,000 servicemen and 25,000 officers, which at times take the compensation on behalf of their employees, will benefit. 

“For those who are under informal duties and training, this initiative will be useful to them. The basic pay for the servicemen will be around $1,600 every month, and it is prorated within the range of the national service,” he added. 

According to State of Defense Senior Minister Heng Chee How, he will give out the particulars about the initiative in the session of the parliamentary on Thursday.

Initiatives for the improvement of the national service 

The developments are part of the few drives that were set up by the National Service committee that were led by the administration of the deputy secretary of the Ministry of Defense and the Army Chief back in 2020 and they are scheduled to be reviewed soon.   

According to Dr. Ng, the administration has also decided that the permanent enlistees of the national service must accomplish what he stated as “functional assessments”, this will be a component of their medical screening routine before they are enlisted. This will exactly evaluate what duties the enlistee are able to perform.

However, he did not tell exactly what kind of assessments these individuals must undergo or assignments they will get, but Mr. Heng said before that this initiative will be part of the Ministry of Defense trying to divert away from the common misconception that the medical classification was solely designed to separate the enlistees who are physically unfit for the job. I guess that we will find out about the details in the next news in Singapore.

With the technological developments, Singapore is aiming to maximize what they can do with fewer recruits considering the drop of birth rates in the country these past few years.

The Armed Forces of Singapore has been making multiple trials of functional assessments with the purpose of allowing the unfit enlistees to be trained as transport operators.

According to Dr. Ng, the Ministry of Defense has remodeled 1,000 duties so that the servicemen can still help or do their job in the areas that they were not eligible for before. 

He also stated that an additional $2,000 cash compensation will be granted for those who have completed the national service milestones, this is part of the 55th anniversary of the NS in 2022.

Final thoughts

The Ministry of Defense has been trying to improve the programs for the national service enlistment lately. This is to compensate for the lack of recruits due to the low birth rates in Singapore. 

This is why Singapore continues to implement the mandatory national service to any abled 16 year old and above citizen to serve in the military for two years. The Enlistment Act of 1970 ensures that even the enlistees who are unfit for combat can still serve their 24-month military service in other duties.