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In Singapore, the total number of daily Covid-19 cases has plummeted for the fifth day in a row. On August 10, there were 53 domestic cases and one imported case according to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The last time that fewer than 53 cases were reported was on July 15 which 42 cases were previously reported. Additionally, 15 unlinked cases were reported on July 21 last time with only a straight drop of seven cases. We at Asiaone News Singapore have an exclusive report on this update, feel free to read.

NKF Dialysis Centre Cluster

The cluster at the NKF Dialysis Centre was increased with one new case which now has a total of four cases. There were 11 patients who are in critical condition and are currently in the intensive care unit, for the previous 10 days.

A total of 32 cases of dire illness are needing oxygen supplementation as announced by the MOH, while six of these cases are already fully vaccinated. There are also 60 years old who are currently having illness in total according to MOH. In this group, the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are 29 cases in total. 

National Vaccination Programme Update

8,145,237 doses of Covid-19 vaccines have already been carried out under the national vaccination program with over 4,373,550 people included, as of August 9. Out of the individuals administered with vaccines, 3,897.650 have fully completed their vaccination procedure, according to MOH.

Additionally, the other vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Listing with over 131,186 doses have been carried out to 80,459 individuals as of August 9. 

In Singapore, 72 percent of people have been given two doses of the vaccines while 81 percent have received at least one dose in total.

In totality, the number of new cases in the nation has declined from 799 cases to 481 cases in the past few weeks. Alternatively, the number of unlinked cases also declined from 238 cases to 138 in the past few weeks. 

The total number of cases currently in the medical centers and hospitals is 508 cases.

Transition from Phase Two to COVID Resilience Preparation

The country is in the midst of preparation for the transition from Phase Two or Heightened Alert to COVID resilience. 

The Multi-Ministry Task Force announced that an update of safe management measures or (SMMs) are in two stages of preparation towards a more relaxed quarantine status. 

The document also provided conditions in which religious organizations are permitted to carry out activities in places of worship from August 10, 2021, to August 19, 2021. According to the update, the transitional period will allow religious organizations to operate in places of worship with up to 50 worshipers allowed if unvaccinated and 500 worshippers if vaccinated.

Additionally, under the transition, social gathering group size will be allowed from 2 persons to 5 persons. Unvaccinated individuals should remain in groups of no more than 2 persons. Groups of up to five persons will also be allowed to dine in on hawker centers and individual F&B establishments as a part of the safety measures under Phase Two.

In shopping malls and showrooms, the occupancy limits will also be increased to 10 square meters per person. In Work-from-home, companies will also be allowed to ease the work-from-he requirements. Under the transition, 50% of the workforce can now be allowed to return to the workplace.

In the event that at least 80% of the total population have received their full vaccination regimens, the government will take the next steps of fully reopening the economy, social activities, and ease of travel. The country is also currently pushing for higher vaccination coverage to fully vanquish the damaging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.