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Asiaone marina bay sands casino

According to the Singaporean Ministry of Health, there are two new Covid-19 cluster cases, one is at the markets of Clementi and Whampoa related to the cluster in the Jurong Fishery Port cluster and the other one is at the Marina Bay Sands Casino.

MOH stated that it has determined 22 Covid-19 cases among the people who have been in the Clementi 448 Market and Hawkers Center and 12 new cases in the Whampoa Drive Market. We at straits times will give you further updates on these new clusters below.

The Clemeti and Whampoa Markets Cluster

According to MOH, the two public places will be subjected to temporary closure from July 22 to August 5 to alleviate the possible transmission and allow for the thorough disinfection of the premises. 

Currently, there are 130 new cases related to the Jurong Fish Port cluster with a total of 454 cases, and eight new cases related to the KTV cluster which is now at 215.

As part of the contact tracing measures, there will be free Covid-19 testing available for the public who visited the Clementi 448 Market and Food Center and Haig Road Market and Food Centre between July 7 to 21.

The MOH announced that they are currently collaborating with the People’s Association to give away antigen rapid tests or ART to members of the public who went into the markets in the last 14 days. 

The process will take place from Thursday to Friday at the committee centers in the vicinity of Whampoa Drive Market at 92 Whampoa Drive and 726 West Coast Market at 726 West Coast Road where the residents live.

The Marina Bay Sands Cluster

MOH also revealed that there are 14 new cases related to the Marina Bay Sands Casino cluster, further investigations are ongoing as there might be a transmission there.

As a part of the safety precaution, the casino will be closed to the public from July 22 to August 5. MOH also confirmed that they will conduct further testing for all the personnel of the casino. They will also extend the free Covid-19 testing for the individuals who have visited the casino from July 7 to 22.

They are also conducting further investigations on the circles of hostesses who are directly working with the customers in the KTV lounges who also serve food and beverages to them and also their close contacts.

Also, there might be an ongoing transmission of the virus in Sakura Entertainment at 517 Geylang Road. Currently, there are 28 active clusters of transmission on July 21, varying from three to 454 transmissions. 

Local Transmissions in Singapore

There are also 181 new Covid-19 cases on July 21 in Singapore, with 179 local transmissions and two imported ones. There might be 30 locally unlinked cases, among the locally transmitted cases are four senior individuals above 70 who are not yet vaccinated and pose a risk of severe illness.

In totality, the number of new cases in the community has elevated from 88 cases to 766 cases in the past week. The number also of unlinked cases in the community increased from 14 to 82 cases in the same time period.

Vaccination Updates in the Country

According to an update from MOH, the number of residents who are already administered with the Covid-19 vaccines under the national vaccination program is 6.83 million doses in total. Among those are 4.16 million people who got at least a single dose of the vaccine, while 2.79 million people have completed the full vaccine process.

Final Words

Land-based casinos like Marina Bay Sands can be a source of further transmissions of the Covid-19 virus that will potentially cause more problems. Fortunately, in this pandemic era, there are online casinos that can cater to gamblers who can’t visit the land-based casinos at the moment.