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Lies of P

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the popular game Bloodborne is mashed together with a classic fairy tale like Pinocchio, Lies of P is what you’ll get. Although the game was previously unveiled earlier this year, fresh footage released by developers Round8 Studio has piqued our interest in some fanciful and violent action.

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In case you missed the game trailer

Lies of P was unveiled earlier this year by Round8 Studio, a South Korean studio. The alpha footage released today offers us a clearer picture of what to expect when the game launches. Eroded cobblestone roads, abandoned apartments/stagecoaches, and withered trees swaying in permanent darkness can all be found.

The world of Lies of P is engulfed in mystery and evil. Horrific animals saunter through dark alleyways, feasting on waste and human remains.

“Wake up, son,” says a deep, gravelly voice that many would assume to be Geppetto, and Pinocchio goes to work, sharpening a blade with his high-density wood forearm and then cutting undead fighters down to size. Pinocchio’s arsenal also appears to include certain magical abilities and grappling hook strikes.

As many Singapore news outlets have pointed out, don’t be deceived. Lies of P is just as bloody as the souls-likes that inspired it, despite the fact that the core premise and protagonist are based on a children’s story. We haven’t seen a mechanism that shows Pinocchio’s nose shifting sizes yet, but it’s something we’ll keep a lookout for in future trailers.

A brief frame also shows Pinocchio approaching a sign that says “APAB” dangling from the strung-up corpse of a mechanical man. Many people believe this is a play on the popular “ACAB” or “All Cops Are Bastards” slogan.

First impressions

The gameplay and ambiance of Lies of P, which is quite Dark Souls in nature and substance, are showcased in the accompanying trailer. The city itself is reminiscent of Yharnam from Bloodborne, and Pinocchio employs a range of weapons to combat various automaton enemies.

While exploring the dark neighborhoods of Krat, Pinocchio uses what appears to be magic and a mechanical arm to equip various powers.

AsiaOne thinks that what’s more intriguing is the claim that the game would include “deep narrative choices,” which may be intriguing if they go beyond the ending. And since the game is touted as an RPG, we should expect some vastly different ways to customize Pinocchio.

Round8 Studio has a plethora of game development skills, including Monster Hunter World veterans on a team whose first game was Bless Unleashed. And the trailer, which contains pre-alpha gameplay, already appears to be quite well-made. Lies of P will be interesting to see how it contributes to an already crowded genre.

Additional info

According to the video description of the trailer, you’ll play as the puppet mechanoid Pinocchio. You’ll make your way through the streets of a ruined metropolis, building weapons out of the materials you find along the way, and interacting with the few survivors in this pre-industrial wasteland.

The more you lie, the more human you become, with all the benefits and drawbacks it involves, as the popular fictional character puts it. In the Straits Times article released recently, the publisher of Lies of P, Neowiz, also claims that Pinocchio’s mechanical arm may be upgraded with items such as a grappling hook, giving the game a Sekiro feel.

Lies of P is set to release in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, and PC, and it clearly wears its influence on its wooden sleeve. The battle is quick and brutal, the graphics are stunning, and you’ll be up against a variety of adversaries wielding a range of weapons. On November 17, it’s said that we’re set to get more details and revelations about Lies of P.