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While the repercussions of the global pandemic has caused many restaurants and cafes in Singapore to close permanently, there are also those who are emerging this time now that the pandemic is running its course. 

This month there is a surge of restaurants that are launching their first operation amidst the pandemic. Brace yourself because we listed down in this SG news some of these newly-opened businesses that have menus that can make your mouth drool.

Sol & Luna

The elevated garden oasis of Sol & Luna showcases their dishes that are heavily inspired by Latin European cuisine. The dishes strike a fine balance between tradition and modern tastes. Get lost in a food adventure with their breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. 

White Marble

If you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine then White Marble can provide you that. Their dishes boast a one hundred percent organic quality served using techniques that bring out natural flavors. 

Roberta’s Pizza

You may not be familiar with this joint but Roberta’s Pizza in Marina Bay Sands, world-renowned for its wood-fire cooked pizzas and global celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Bill Clinton have tasted some of its products. 


Chatterbox will open its doors again in the Hilton Orchard Singapore on March 14. We will experience its iconic Lobster Laksa ($34) and Mandarin Chicken Rice ($25), plus some new offerings that will certainly pique your interests.


Willow boasts its high-quality pan-Asian dishes that incorporate some of the best ingredients of the season. One of its best-sellers is the A4 Japanese Wagyu zabuton which is well-seasoned and grilled to perfection.

Kei Hachi

The omakase dishes of Kei Hachi are a product of excellent culinary decisions in which they use authentic ingredients from the markets of Japan. The restaurant provides a variety of dishes from lunch to dinner courses. 

OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ

If you are into samgyeopsal ceremonial feasts, OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ uses five kinds of woods for their smokeless grill, they are pecan, applewood, hickory, cherry and jarah. You can choose from a variety of meals such as Original Korean Chicken and Spicy Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken.

The Wine Cove

The Wine Cove is a tapas and wine bar which is inspired by the dark dungeons of European castles where the elites and scholars congregate. The bar boasts its exquisite wine collections which are rare in Singapore.

67 Pall Mall

This French-inspired bar houses a collection of over 5,000 wines that are imported from Burgundy, France. The members of the private club can enjoy perfect wine pairings with scrumptious dishes such as Pan-Fried Foie Gras and Szechuan Peppers.

Am I Addicted 

The Am I Addicted is one of the high-concept food spaces in Singapore, which allows customers to make pottery and attend classes while enjoying the restaurant’s inviting dishes. Their menu includes Torta Di Riso Pasta and Grilled Cheese Kimchi Sandwich, which are two of the bar’s best-selling dishes. 

Coexist Coffee Co. Paya Lebar

This new branch of Coexist Coffee Co. in Hillsview Building is their third outing following the success of their two branches. The bar is divided in two spaces with one having a more monochromatic look while the other one has a more classic style. Their menu includes pizzas, takoyakis, coffees, ice creams and other desserts. 

Final words

These newly-opened restaurants, cafes, and bars each offer a unique set of dishes and flavors that are authentic and high-quality. The pandemic may have forced some restaurants and hawker stalls to close permanently but there will be an emergence of new restaurants that will mark the comeback of the food industry that has been heavily affected by the global pandemic.