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Nick Cannon struggles with body image issues in the bedroom

Nick Cannon is struggling with issues involving his view on his body image in the bedroom.

The host of The Masked Singer admitted on his talk show while leading a panel of professionals that he has been anxious about being too “skinny” for a very long time so he always “bury himself under the covers” when he is getting intimate with a woman in the bed.

An intimate revelation

The host is moderating a panel on The Nick Cannon Show along with Marriage Boot Camp counselor Dr. Ish Major. 

In the show, the 41-year old hip hop artist opened a question, he said “Are there any insecurities y’all have when it comes to being with a partner in the bedroom? Well, I’m going to admit that I have. I am definitely having an insecurity issue when it comes to being intimate with a woman.”

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been so skinny my whole life, which means I am never thrilled being completely naked. I often hide under the duvet, I am so insecure with my body as much as I brag about being muscular.”

A vow of celibacy

The ex-host of America’s Got Talent, who had four children in just one year, took a promise on laying low this year after he received advice from his therapist. In October last year, Nick announced “I’m am now celibate for quite some time. I just hope that I will not have a relapse and make it through the year 2022.”

“I was raised in a large family, I have many siblings, being raised in an unconventional family by my grandparents has a lot of impact in my life. I have undergone such a wide array of upbringing that I have learned to care and have so much passion for my kids and my partner.”

 “I’ve always long to have a huge family to take care of. I prayed to the Lord to bless me with what I asked, and he did. I say that all you have to do is to ask for what you want and HE will give it to you.”

“However, now that I am already blessed with a huge family, I should learn to be satisfied with it. My therapist said that it is now ime for me to be celibate.”

His children from different women

The former host of Wild ’n Out initially became a father when he had fraternal twins with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, namely, Moroccan and Munroe. With his ex-girlfriend Britney Bell, he had a son named Golden who is four-years-old, and a daughter named Powerful Queen who is 13-months-old.

Last year, he had children with former model and international DJ Abby De La Rosa, she birthed Nick’s second batch of twins, namely, Zillion and Zion.

In June last year, he had a child with Alyssa Scott named Zen, However, his son died tragically due to complications from brain cancer last December, the boy was aged five months. 

The tragic death of his son

Nick Cannon confirmed in his talk show last year that his son died after he developed an “invasive midline brain tumor.”

“I feel sorry to announce that my youngest son tragically died this weekend of a sickness called hydrocephalus. The doctor said that it was a fatal and invasive midline brain tumor, a brain cancer. It was a difficult time for me and my family.”


The tragic death of Nick Cannon’s son reveals how much Nick Cannon cares for his children and how much of a good father he is despite bearing many children from four different women. His vow of celibacy is also an indicator that he wants to change his life for the better for his family.

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