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The National Military Service is a mandatory program that encourages Singaporean men of the right age to participate in military training to help defend the nation.

The National Military Service is a mandatory program that encourages Singaporean men of the right age to participate in military training to help defend the nation. Once you are physically fit and have turned to legal age, there is no escaping the program.

However, many Singaporean adolescents never realized that the service program is a perfect opportunity to learn new skills. Luckily, the Basic Military Training also incorporates swimming lessons in the program.

Swimming is an essential life skill along with driving and self-defense. This activity also has so many benefits in the physical body, overall health, and psychology. 

In this Singapore news, we are covering the benefits of swimming in the National Service Program.

It provides active recovery from training

Active recovery training is a set of training exercises made up to passive workouts after rigorous active training. Examples of this are yoga, walking, and swimming exercises.

Contrary to active exercises, it helps your body temperature to cool down, relaxes your muscles after a tense workout, and helps your brain to secrete neuro-transmitters to help regulate your body and relax your brain.

This exercise also helps your body to recover faster after an intense workout. They can also eliminate toxins, reduce cramps and improve blood flow.

It provides a whole-body workout

Some of the typical exercises only develop one part of your body and do not support the rest. Sometimes we use different types of workouts to accommodate the needs of each muscle group. However, a few exercises encompass all of the muscle groups, providing a full-body regimen in just one exercise.

One of these exercises is swimming, which helps the body to achieve its full potential by developing the body muscles without having to stress each one. The buoyancy of the water in the pool also helps to eliminate the tension from each muscle group. This will keep your whole body fit.

It’s a refreshing break from rigorous physical training

Sometimes repetitive rigorous training strains the muscle groups, hence, it gives you a tired look and sore muscles. This is where the refreshing effect of swimming comes into play. Swimming lessons help to provide the body with its own “break” from intense physical activities.

Not only that it helps to relax your body, but it can also help to relax your mind, making this activity more of a rest than physical work. 

Lessons are structured to cater to swimmers of different abilities

We are all not the same, we all have our own different abilities, skillset, and limitations. It is true that not all of us can be prolific swimmers because we all have our own tolerance from the water and our body limits. However, we can all be taught swimming lessons that are catered for us based on our skill levels.

Your swimming instructors are trained to study your skills, physical capacity, and lifestyle to customize their training methods to fit your needs. Sometimes, training lessons are grouped into different categories to help you progress into the type of exercise that your body needs.

I really, really cannot swim. How?

Swimming is a universal basic skill, meaning people need to learn how to swim just in case water accidents happen. However, not all of us are thrilled to learn how to swim, which is a fair point.

However, as swimming is a part of the BMT program, it is definitely mandatory and Singaporean men have to undergo swimming lessons. As for the choices, you may not realize it now but someday you will thank yourself for allowing yourself to learn how to swim because you might need it someday.

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