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People in Hong Kong Ditches Dating Apps for Crossfit

In this modern era where everything flows in an instant and communications become shorter, most people rely on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble for finding potential partners. However, sometimes, it is tiring to deal with people who are not sharing the same interests and activities as us.

An ongoing new trend

Nowadays, people are getting more and more selective when it comes to finding a mate. One factor that is constantly on the top of the list for consideration is the compatibility of interests. With the level of stress that comes with finding common ground, sometimes it is just easier if you’ve met your date in the activity that you like.

According to a few articles in media publications such as The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Muscle $ Fitness, there is an ongoing trend in the CrossFit community where it is the new place where people meet each other and start to date.

A few studies said that fitness activities are a perfect way to find someone to connect with on a personal level. Aside from being proactive in building muscles to be fit, some people found camaraderie in gyms because they can also express their stories of wanting a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes relate with each other especially when they are in the same journey.

Dating in CrossFit

Back in 2010, Cris O’Brien opened his first gym in Hong Kong. That is also where she met his wife Vanessa Cheung. The couple tied the knots last year and they are thankful for having met each other in Crossfit.

“I’m very thankful that I inaugurated CrossFit Asphodel here in Hong Kong. It is there that I met my wife, Vanessa. Nowadays, it is now a common trend that in the CrossFit community, couples emerge,” said O’Brien.

“Ash, my long-time friend and our dear head coach, has met the love of his life in our gym who is also our senior coach. Taylor, one of our strength specialists, also met his current beau via CrossFit. This is an indicator that this place is a perfect place to make lasting relationships,” he added. 

A much more personal approach

According to O’Brien, a lot of people sign up to his gym because they live a very active life. This intensity helps them to build the kind of lifestyle that they want and also meet other people. Fitness activities run through personal motivation and this aspect of gym training is what draws people closer. 

He also said that people who are in the middle of a weight-loss journey can easily find a friend or much better, a lover in CrossFit, especially if both individuals are sharing personal struggles and limitations. 

It is so much better if you are with someone who wants to be in a better shape and mindset as you because it lessens the pain and getting through intense training sessions is much easier. 

Comparison with other places of meeting new people

According to Valentina Tudose, a dating coach in Hong Kong, activities of physical sorts are one of the best ways to meet ideal partners. 

“In comparison to common places to meet new people such as nightclubs and bars, where most  people get drunk, typically doing stupid things, and tend to hook up with whoever is the closest; people who go to gyms are less likely to do stupid things. The gym environment is more controlled and people can select their mates much more carefully than getting in a drunken stupor,” she said.


Nowadays, dating apps are one of the common ways to meet people who possess the same intentions. However, sometimes people still long to connect with people in physical activities that they like. This trend is an indicator that in the dating world, it is still better to not look for love in all the wrong places.

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