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Pokemon go

Since its launch, Pokémon Go has undergone a series of significant updates to stay up to date with all the latest trends in mobile gaming. Apple has recently released the iPhone 13 Pro variants and the 120Hz refresh rate that is first offered on the said iPhone units (which is also the company’s current flagship model) perfectly suits the game’s new features.

Users will see a noticeable improvement in performance as a result of the improved refresh rate, but developers must take action to make this happen. For more of the latest Singapore news, read on.

How to enable higher frame rates

Pokémon Go for iOS devices has received a new update that allows you to play the game at faster frame rates. Unlocking your device’s native refresh rate in order to increase your frame rate is now an option in version 1.191.0 of the app’s “Advanced Settings”.

How to enable Pokémon Go’s native refresh rate after you’ve updated your game:

1. On the main screen, tap the Poké Ball icon

2. Tap on the Settings button

3. Tap on the Advanced Settings button

4. When Native Refresh Rate is enabled, a message such as “Native refresh rate unlocked” will appear, along with a green checkmark.

Upgrading at a refreshing rate

If you’ve been missing out on all the latest news in Singapore, this new feature makes a tremendous impact when tested in the latest iPhone 13 Pro. When you’re aiming a Poké Ball throw using your finger, the smoother touch responsiveness makes the game feel more enjoyable because of the amount of movement and camerawork.

On iOS devices, Pokémon Go had previously been limited to 30 frames per second, however, this has recently been changed to 60. It’s possible to play Pokémon Go at 120fps on the iPhone 13 Pro units with ProMotion displays.

According to the Straits Times article released recently, it is possible to reach up to 60fps on earlier iPhone models, such as the iPhone 8 line.

Unlike the 13 Pro and Pro Max, because those are the only iPhone models sporting 120Hz ProMotion displays, the new iOS function isn’t exclusive to these two models. Older phones like the 8 Plus still have the feature and can unlock the frame rate, but the outdated A11 chipset can’t always maintain a continuous 60fps.

Variable refresh rates are another feature of the iPhone 13 Pro series’ ProMotion displays. To put it another way, this implies that depending on the app you’re using and how you’re consuming the content, your iPhone’s display can change refresh rates from 10Hz to 120Hz.

Battery life may be conserved while the user interface remains fluid and easy to use. To sum up all of the SG news about this update, a 120Hz refresh rate display on the iPhone 13 Pro has now been supported by Pokémon Go’s app.

Outside the iPhone ecosystem

There are currently many Android phones that are powerful enough to run the Pokémon game at a higher frame rate, but in my experience testing across various devices, the support can be hit or miss. Even still, until now, Pokémon Go has performed better on Android than it has on other platforms.

Aside from a vague reference to several QoL improvements in the release notes of version 1.191.0, despite how such a Singapore news game-changer this is, Niantic isn’t making much of a fuss about the feature.

Pokémon Go is a heavy app in terms of battery life, so it’s probable that allowing it for every user out there might lead to complaints. However, if it isn’t an issue for you, it’s worth trying out.

What else is new?

The Season of Heritage update has been released in a novel trailer, and there are a number of things that players may expect to see.

Merely a few days after the start of Season 10 of the Battle League in Pokémon Go, the latest event has already begun. In the same way that the Mischief season did with Hoopa and Hoopa Unbound, this season is expected to feature special field research with a special story that will last the course of the season.

For the first time ever, gamers will get the opportunity to catch a Pokémon which was previously unavailable, as well as unlock several benefits in weekly activities, which is always the primary choice of any Pokémon Go player.

New invention incentives, Special Research tales, and bonuses are expected to be included, as well as cup tournaments for competitive players.