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Asiaone Police

A woman’s prominent pride flag was violently removed in front of her flat in Hougang Street 52 on June 29. 

According to the statement by the police on Singapore news on July 3, a gang of teenagers was the culprit behind the mischief.

A Juvenile Prank or an Intentional Harassment?

The police reported to AsiaOne that an investigation is ongoing into the case if any deliberate disturbance is involved. Preliminary investigations revealed that a 15-year-old male teenager had allegedly removed the flag on both occasions out of mischief.

The victim was named Sheni Nedumaran, she posted on June 29 a few Instagram stories that elaborated on the incident and eventually went viral. 

According to the woman, she placed the iridescent flag outside her ground floor flat on June 1 to show her support for Pride Month, a worldwide celebration by the LGBT community held every month of June.

The victim eventually narrated that she was at home working when she suddenly heard a loud thud when she went outside to investigate, she found the flag lying on the floor. 

The woman then decided to put up the flag again and eventually it was forcibly removed again but this time it was more violent. 

The 33-year old female failed to see the culprit as they ran off long before she could go outside to witness the vandals. 

Initial Complaints About the Flag

She filed for a police report but prior to the incident, she had dealt with the police for a different complaint. 

According to the victim, the authorities showed up at her doorstep after they received a complaint regarding her pride flag. She was discombobulated at their presence as she was inquiring if she had broken any law.

The police reassured the woman that she had not done anything illegal and told her that it was just a standard procedure to investigate. They said that after receiving the complaint, they just went to the unit to assess the nature of the flag, the intentions of its placement and if it shows any national or organizational emblems supporting any terrorist groups. 

They also added that although she was nothing to worry about, they suggested that she may consider removing the flag due to the fact that it was displayed in a prominent place on the ground floor where it is reachable and prone to vandalism. 

LGBT Status in Singapore

A different incident happened in January 2021 where a man was verbally abusive towards a salad bar employee at Lau Pa Sat and threw a pride flag at the staff. The man told the staff that the place was a public food court and argued that not everyone is supporting the LGBT ideals, the homophobic man eventually throws the small flag at one of the employees. 

The incident was caught on a CCTV camera and the video went viral with the netizens supporting the owner of the establishment. 

The status of the LGBT community is far from good as many traditionalist citizens in Singapore are still not accepted the ideals of the queer community. However, Singapore is still relatively a much better place for gay individuals compared to other Southeast Asian countries where they have a conservative and predominantly religious culture. 

Nevertheless, it is good to know that the Singaporean government is starting to establish more concrete laws supporting the LGBT communities in the city-state despite the continuous backlash over the queer people in this modern era.

Minister K Shanmugam stated that the Singaporean government protects any Singaporean citizen regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation. 

Shanmugam added, “LGBTQ persons, non-LGBTQ persons, we are all equal. We are not any less because of our sexual preferences.” Online casinos like Sgpool are a hub for any individuals regardless of age, race or sexual orientation, you can easily join the community.