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Asiaone LGBT Community

Some K-Pop superstars are demonstrating their celebration and support for Pride Month, which is celebrated every year in June. 

Allies and Advocates

Tiffany Young from Girls’ Generation collaborated with Neo Milk which is an LGBT performing group based in Seoul. They team up with LGBT entertainers with the likes of Holland, the first openly gay K-Pop idol. 

They jive into the Girls’ Generation 2007 song Into the New World, the song also became an anthem of protest in South Korea for LGBT advocacy. Neon Milk also utilized the song in their performances every year for Pride.

“I’ll continuously stand by you and I stand with you as an ally-advocate of the LGBT community. Throughout my career I’ve thought about, am I doing enough? Can I talk about this? But I think the most important part is being honest and true to yourself,” said Young in an interview with straits times

“Thank you so much for inspiring so many people and always showing the world that love and kindness win,” she added.

Girls’ generation members have supported the LGBT society all over the world, and even included several drag queens in their music videos. 

The girl group is one of the several K-Pop artists who publicly supported the LGBT community around the world by declaring themselves as allies including Loona, Sunmi, and Mamamoo. 

Pride Month Celebration

The ex-member of U-Kiss Kevin Woo also supported the queer community by getting together with the members of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC at BackSync, their Pride Month collaboration. 

He includes his location as Pride Month and demonstrated his support for The Trevor Project, an American organization helping LGBT youths in a recent post on Instagram. 

He posted, “If I told my younger self I’d be hanging with my childhood idols *NSYNC x Backstreet Boys, I never would’ve believed it! The most epic collab ever! BYE BYE BYE. Celebrating in support as an ally of The Trevor Project.”

Woo was born and raised in California and launched as a K-Pop artist as a member of U-Kiss in 2006, he is currently residing in Los Angeles and on June 15 he released an English language song called “Got It.” 

Fashion Knows No Gender

Artist Jo Kwon, who imparted that the concept of being genderless has been an important influence in his life. He also shared on his Instagram post that “there is no gender in fashion” donning a pair of bright orange knee-length boots. 

The K-Pop idol has been constantly supported genderless fashion, performed in several musicals for drag queens, and demonstrated his love for LGBT society.

A Glimmer of Hope

The LGBT community in South Korea has long been suffering from severe homophobia and backlash although South Korea’s National Assembly is now pushing a law for LGBT Anti-Discrimination that has been in line for several years despite the disapproval of several conservative groups including many influential religious organizations in South Korea. 

If the law is enforced, it would eradicate discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, disabilities, race, age, skin color, sexual preference, and other things that people used as reasons to bully people. This will also lessen the canceled culture in Korea against the LGBT community and it will be a few steps ahead of progress in the long battle for gay rights.

As for the LGBT society, it is a long way to go for people to accept the existence of queers in this male-dominated world. Luckily, many individuals are declaring their love and support by being an ally to the LGBT community. 

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