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Printing Incredible A2 Prints Using Photos Taken With the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple, or any other smartphone maker, has talked a lot about the photographic prowess of their smartphone cameras, from the high megapixel count, from the larger sensors to the lenses forged with some of the biggest names in the camera industry. At this point, no one can really blame them.

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max camera

If you didn’t know, the latest Pro model of the iPhone product, more specifically the Pro Max model, is packed with new powerful features never seen in their previous model. Some features are even making their first-ever debut, meaning, the first for any smartphone to date.

Since the introduction of phones with built-in cameras, consumers very much love the idea of having a portable camera in their pocket. The need for something powerful and reliable within your reach has always been one of the many factors why phones today are basically essential.

After watching Apple unveil the new iPhone 13 models, it was revealed that the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max have yet again bumped up the camera specs with the most advanced and professional camera features to ever hit any smartphone today.

What’s new?

If we were to put all of this to the test, it has to be groundbreaking and should push the iPhone to its absolute limit when it comes to photographic capabilities.

One of their biggest advancements with this brand-new pro model is the new Ultra-Wide shot, Wide and Telephoto cameras, which can capture not just stunning photos, but also videos at blinding speed. Not to mention, their Telephoto lens now features 3x to 15x optical and digital zoom.

Perhaps one of the biggest defining features that the iPhone 13 Pro Max model feature can offer is the new Cinematic Mode. This is an incredible video feature that allows automatic shifting of focus while video recording. This makes the blurring of one subject to another becoming more seamless.

This mode also shoots Dolby HDR and the depth settings and focus can all be edited even after the video has been recorded. And finally, 4K video recording is now bumped to 60 fps.

Yes, you can print A2 photos captured with the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Back to the camera secs once again, how can we test its latest and breathtaking photographic capabilities? In a collaboration between AsiaOne and the Singapore-based photographer Barry Seah (aka motorgrapher), they tested if photos that were taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max can be used to provide a superb A2 print photo.

Seah is no stranger to photography. In fact, he is known for his motorcycle portraits, as well as some fantastic digital prints using the photos he takes. In his vlog, he also mentioned that the video itself was also captured with an iPhone 13 Pro, so you can ask to see the results of Apple’s latest and greatest success.

On paper, the camera module on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max show the same features and specs. That said, it is to be expected that the results should be the same or at least nearly identical. They went on to say that it’s a perfect test to demonstrate whether an upgrade is ideal or not depending on which phone you currently have.

Additionally, this will also give consumers an idea of how extremely powerful these new iPhone lineups are compared to their previous models and how it will pave the way for the newer models to come. Surprisingly, the results clearly speak for themselves so head straight to the video to see for yourself.

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