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Asiaone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Amongst the many flagship phones that Samsung has ever released, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may just be the most fascinating. It’s a flippin’ foldable smartphone, literally. A huge shift from the traditional flagship phone you’ll find across smartphone manufacturers today, the Fold3 is a surprising new take both in terms of design and purpose.

Let’s take a look at Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone. For more tech-related news, keep it here at Asiaone.

What’s new?

This latest smartphone is packed with so many features that would certainly make you want to consider upgrading to it. For many Samsung followers, they’ll be glad to know that the Fold3 is now supporting the S Pen stylus, which can fully utilize its larger screens when unfolded.

The Fold3 also has different color variants that you can choose from. It comes with Phantom Black, Phantom Green, and Phantom Silver. No claims have been made if there will be more color variants down the line but the ones announced are a lot more gorgeous hands-on.

Design and displays

One of the main highlights that get everyone excited or curious about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is its overall design and display. When unfolded, it boasts a 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a 2208 x 1768 resolution and 120 Hz Dynamic Refresh capabilities.

When folded, its front display is at 2268 x 832 resolution with the same Dynamic Refresh rate and a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen. It’s worth noting that the Z Fold3 is a bit slimmer than the Fold2 when the device is folded. That’s because Fold3 now has a wider room for many internal circuitries.

When opened, the Z Fold3 has a massive display that makes it almost like a tablet within your pocketable smartphone. While the overall specs aren’t necessarily a huge step-up from its predecessor, what makes Fold3 better is the under-panel camera that is seamlessly built on the screen.

At first glance, you won’t even be able to tell that there’s a camera on the screen. It’s one of the many brilliant things that Fold3 has in store that no other smartphones could offer at the moment. It has the cleanest screen panels you’ll ever see.

The huge part of owning this foldable phone is its large display that can be folded to fit right inside your pocket. It’s neat and very convenient.


While it’s nowhere near as good as the mainstream smartphone cameras we have to date, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 still offers quite a punch when it comes to camera specs, especially considering how it is a huge leap from its predecessor.

The phone has a triple 12-megapixel camera with dual pixel autofocus and f/1.8 aperture. That said, you can expect to have wide-angle, ultra-wide, and super zoomed-in photos with its excellent triple rear cameras. Furthermore, the placements of these cameras and the device’s overall design look sleeker and tidier.


The thing that powers up this foldable beast is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Processor. If you are one of those casual smartphone enthusiasts, it means that it is incredibly powerful for a phone of its size. It is able to run all apps very smoothly and seamlessly whether you choose to use it folded or unfolded.

Furthermore, under its hood is a 12GB RAM that will make the whole experience a bit more pleasurable for sure. It has the right amount of juice to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy switching apps with little to no hitches.

The battery is just as impressive for a smartphone and tablet hybrid. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has a 4,400mAH battery, a small reduction from the 4,500mAh of its predecessor. One could assume that the current device has a better optimization.