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On August 25, the lawyer of R&B singer R. Kelly tried to undermine the allegations of a woman that accused the singer of sexual abuse in a form of a letter she has written to her relatives in which she is accusing her parents of human trafficking her.

Read along to find out in this Asiaone report about the singer’s trial.

Forced to Write A Letter

The victim, who is only known as Jane (23), was asked by Attorney Deveraux Cannick to read her letters on the witness stand. The letters are detailing how her parents forced her to falsify her age to Kelly (54) and how they tried to take advantage of her relationship with Kelly financially.

According to a letter she has written to her brother bearing no date, she said that her mother has forced her to document her relationship with Kelly so that they could blackmail him and also suggested to her that she should dress seductively for Kelly. 

Jane explained to the prosecutors that Kelly manipulated her and other young women to create these fake letters to protect him from potential legal problems.

At Kelly’s sex abuse trial in the Brooklyn Federal Court, Jane testified on her third day in the witness stand and said that while writing the fake letters, Kelly would tell them exactly what to write.

Extortion Schemes

R. Kelly, who is known for her award-winning single “I Believe I Can Fly”, said that he is not guilty of his charges and he is showing no remorse for his decade-long extortion activities in which he sexually abused women and teenagers including the victim, Jan and the deceased singer, Aaliyah.

On August 25, some of Kelly’s fans assembled at the facade of the courthouse showing their support to Kelly bearing signs that read “Free R Kelly” written in colorful chalk.

At the court, Jane narrated that she met Kelly at a music festival in Miami, she later moved in with him that ended in 2019 and left him in October. Jane also recalled that on their first meeting, he forced her to do oral sex with him before she could allow her to audition for him. 

Jane also said that she started to meet him regularly in different cities to have sex. According to her testimony, her parents later put her under the care of one of Kelly’s friends so that she could live with him while studying high school. 

Current Charges

On Wednesday, one of Jane’s former high school friends also testified in court, showing text messages she has received from Jane in 2015 that she had sex with Kelly and revealed that she is pregnant bearing Kelly’s child.

In the court, the prosecutors showed the text messages between the two teenage girls with one message that had a baby bottle emoji on it. Kelly is currently facing other sex-related criminal charges in the states of Illinois and Minnesota.

They also said that the singer also had an entourage consisting of managers, bodyguards, and other people helping him to recruit women and teenage girls to have sex with him and also to create pornographic videos.

Kelly is facing charges that include extortion, racketeering, bribery, and forcing his victims to be “committed” to him by cutting them off from their families and friends and forcing them to call him “Daddy”.


Kelly appeared before US District Judge Ann Donnelly in the court wearing a blue suit and light blue dress shirt with his head shaved. The trial began on August 18 and will go in process for weeks. R Kelly has pleaded not guilty and has shown no remorse for his crimes.

The sexual abuse committed by R Kelly is also told in “Surviving R. Kelly”, a documentary by Lifetime in 2019.