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Razer Opens A New Southeast Asia Headquarters in One-North

Razer has opened a new Southeast Asia headquarters in Singapore, as part of regional expansion plans and a hiring strategy that would see the company’s local workforce grow from 600 to 1,000 personnel.

According to Razer co-founder and CEO Tan Min-Liang, the gamer-centric ecosystems have changed the gaming experience with the introduction of breakthrough solutions and whole new product categories over the last years and there’s no plan on stopping now.

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A new headquarter arose

On Tuesday, October 26, gaming company Razer unveiled its new Southeast Asia headquarters in one-north, announcing its plans to expand its workforce in Singapore.

In addition to the headquarters, the first RazerStore in Singapore will be located there. Visitors will be able to see their latest innovations and creations “up close and personal.” Visitors can also order drinks from a robotic barista arm at the RazerCafe.

Visitors will be able to visit the store and cafe starting on October 28. Esports workshops and training sessions will be held in a dedicated location inside the firm’s new headquarters, according to the corporation.

A new hub for more tech opportunities

On the 26th, the gaming hardware company’s US$100 million building in the one-north technological park formally launched. The structure includes a net lettable space of 180,000 square feet and environmentally friendly elements such as solar panels.

Razer will use 80,000 square feet over three levels for its office, design studios, and research and development (R&D) facilities. The rest of the space will be leased, with co-working company JustCo being one of the most important tenants.

At a time when firms are vying for tech expertise, Razer is speeding up hiring. For roles such as software developers, companies are increasing wage offers and sweetening benefits packages.

According to an AsiaOne News article, the Global big-tech firms and regional unicorns are also expanding their footprint in Southeast Asia in order to tap into a US$300 billion Internet economy by 2025.

Drive the economy to innovation

“The new regional hub represents everything that Razer stands for, from innovation to design to sustainability,” said Tan Min-Liang, co-founder and chief executive of the Hong Kong-listed company.

“It will not only be home to Razer’s growing staff, but also to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and even gamers looking for a place to train and learn.”

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, speaking at the opening ceremony, advised Singapore’s large corporations to develop a deeper stack of intellectual property and intangible assets and turn them into competitive advantages.

He believes that such an approach is necessary to succeed in a technology-intensive, innovation-driven economy. Mr. Heng pointed out that Razer began with a single product – the gaming mouse – and has now evolved into a variety of other products and services, such as laptops, gaming seats, and financial technologies.

What Razer has to offer

He claims that the company’s devotion to R&D is the driving force behind its expansion. Razer has invested roughly 8% of its yearly revenue on it on average, and it already has over 1,200 patents and patent applications, as well as over 550 design applications and registrations.

According to him, Razer has over 1,200 patents and patent applications, as well as over 550 design applications and registrations.

Mr. Heng believes that for Singapore’s economy to prosper, enterprises large and small must continue to innovate and invest in R&D.

Final thoughts

A lot of IT and gaming-related companies have relocated to Razer’s new location in one-north. Ubisoft, YOOZOO Games, and Bandai Namco, as well as animation studio Lucasfilm and Singapore-based Grab and Sea, have all set up shop there.

During the pandemic, technology companies are booming. Razer achieved record revenue in the half-year ending June, resulting in a US$31.3 million net profit, a turnaround from a US$17.7 million deficit the previous year.

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