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Reflection of you

There is nothing wrong with attempting to improve your life and becoming a better person. But if you wish to modify yourself in order to meet the criteria of a specific person, you wind up sacrificing your own identity, which is clearly a terrible cost.

There are so many desires in Reflection of You, including a persistent need for revenge from somebody who has sent you over the edge as you were just about to follow your heart’s wishes. Let’s dive into the narrative of this K-Drama series that has been making the rounds across many Singapore news sites.

What you need to know about the show

It’s a narrative about two women: one who, despite her success and accomplishments, really cannot help herself in making decisions; and another who, after losing herself, has turned vindictive; both, resulting in unavoidable consequences, which somehow draw their families into a mess, as well.

Romance has a way of making us lose our minds. Melodramatic tales’ protagonists who have been guided by overwhelming emotions can be excused for some failures in judgment, but even that has its limitations.

Reflection of You’s 16-episode run has shown us that the characters are driven by love and, quite often, little else. If you’re looking for something new to sink your teeth into, perhaps a bit too bummed about plenty of news today in Singapore, here’s an interesting series for you.

The story is complemented by the characters

Hae-won (played by Shin Hyun-been) has a shattered heart and a shattered spirit. There’s no doubt about that, thanks to the show’s make-up department’s constant use of black circles beneath her eyes, grey skin, and a blank thousand-yard stare to make it abundantly evident.

Hae-won, however, is one of the only characters in the show’s characters who accomplishes what she desires. Despite the fact that she was able to continue her marriage to Woo-jae (played by Kim Jae-young), deep down she realized that what previously was no longer so.

Instead, her true ambition is to avenge Hee-joo (played by Go Hyun-jung), the woman that wrecked her love. Hae-won takes great pains to make Hee-joo’s life a misery as soon as she returns. Hee-joo’s rarely threatened by her moody, vengeful, and obnoxious character.

Although the entrance of Haewon and later Woo-jae in Hee-joo’s life has bothered her, she rarely gives the sense that she would rekindle her romance with him. Woo-jae was a toxic character, and as he continues to retrieve his memories, he stays.

The unexpected finale is unexpected

If you’re missing out on all the latest Singapore news and buzzes, Reflection of You uses tragic drama to reach its culmination. It’s quite apparent that Woo-jae must be the villain. The show isn’t about a cheerful relationship either. As the show’s climax approaches, he transforms into an outright villain, and he meets his end one fateful evening.

Neither Hae-won nor Hee-joo kills him, yet his death serves as an important nail in either of their coffins.

Lisa, Hee-joo’s daughter, sneaks into her mother’s workshop upon seeing her mother being taken there by an enraged Woo-jae. She has blood on her hands. Woo-jae has now become a selfish guy after being rejected by his ex-girlfriend, and he starts to thrash Hee-joo. Lisa stabs him as she sees him in the midst of violent rage.

As she approaches a busy intersection, an earlier narrative line is revived: The insolvent owner of a bankrupt Billiard Hall, who stole Hee-Joo’s son Ho-su, returns and stabbed her, causing her to bleed to death. If anything, it sounds a bit too gritty to make the Straits Times headlines.

Overall impression

Hee-joo’s final act of disposing of Woo-jae’s body is one of the most powerful moments in Reflection of You’s climax. She throws his body in her friend’s fishing lake, drawing one of the show’s most interesting motifs to a close.

Reflection of You’s big dramatic climax, which sees Hae-won act in a way that doesn’t fit with how she’s been portrayed in the entire series, genuinely felt like it was not earned. Even though the plot had been going nowhere for weeks, it felt like the right way to close it up.