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BMW IX xDrive40i

When BMW introduced the i3 eight years ago, it was met with a lukewarm response from the customers because it was too ahead of its time. The model was the first electric vehicle car that was sold to the Singaporean public. 

Eight years have passed and BMW is adding another to the EV series. The iX xDrive40i is considered as the true descendant of the i3 and its technology is appropriate to what this era needs. 

We break down in this Singapore news the anatomy of what makes this Sport model tick all the boxes for those who prefer a useful and eco-friendly car.

Look and design

When you look at the exterior of the iX you will notice that BMW have built this model with efficiency in mind. Although, it does have some clunky angles, which is forgivable since this is what it looks like if you cross breed an X5 and an i3. The kidney grille could be unattractive to some though, but for us we wouldn’t mind.

Also, considering the size of the model, they could’ve opted to choose a lighter color and less glossier paint but we understand that this is a flagship model, so no harm done. We think that it would take a long time before people will appreciate its outlandish look but the model compensates in other aspects.

Interior and highlights

The handle-less door of the iX is one of the coolest things about this model. The interiors of this is roomy and appealing, and the obvious carbon fiber in the doorcases is a nod to the i3.

The spacious feel of the iX could be attributed to several elements such as the flat floor which maximizes the vertical space, the open-concept dashboard, and the elevated center console. 

The infotainment is also smooth and advanced, thanks to its classy new animations. The update on the OS is also much better compared to an ordinary phone OS update. 

The furniture is also classy, with its combination of wood, crystal, and leather, which also adds to the loungy feel of the interiors of the vehicle. 

Space and functionality

The wide open space could be credited to its transmission tunnel absence and the leveled floor. The model has the capacity to accommodate five adults inside and they can enjoy its comfort and spaciousness.

The rear area also has AC vents and it also has USB-C ports. The i3 also has more than just a fancy feel but its main focus is on functionality. People can now put a backpack on the floor between their feets without having to sprain their arms by reaching their bags from the back. 

Overall feel

The iX is easy to drive because of its upright seating position, new A-pillars, outward side mirrors, and extensive view. While it could be compared to a huge SUV, the model itself doesn’t appear humongous on the road. 

To maximize the lounge and comfortable feel of the vehicle, this model is prized for its interior quietness which adds to the multiple advantages of this model. The only artificial sounds that you will hear is the sound of the steering wheel. 

The EV technology also makes the car more efficient and it can allow you to save on fuel costs which adds to the sheer practicality of the car. 

The verdict

As the flagship model of the iX series of the BMW, this model is practical and modern. With its sleek and sporty exterior it can really stand tall in the market. Also, we can add the loungy and comfortable interior to the mix and this bad boy could be the winner in the EV market competition.