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Ricky Gervais offers to host Oscars for free but there's a catch

English comedian Ricky Gervais, has offered to be a presenter of Oscars but with a catch—he gets to say whatever he wants. 

In this SG news, we are explaining why Ricky wants to host the Oscars for free.

Comparison to the Golden Globes

The creator of the British version of The Office revealed that he never thinks that he’d ever be approached to host the Academy Awards because his humor is too controversial for the event.

However, he also said that he will never hesitate to grab the opportunity if given a chance, but only if the organizers will allow him to have the same freedom that he enjoyed while hosting the Golden Globes in the past.

Ricky said that he considered hosting the Golden Globes like a “spectator sport.” He hosted the awards show five times in the past ten years. He said that he enjoyed it and for him, the thrill of satirizing the famous actors and actresses of Hollywood is such a delight. Although, he also admits that his sense of humor is not for everybody.

Ricky announced that he will host the Oscars

According to the interview in The View. he said ‘Well, I might be permitted to host the Oscars if I comply with what the organizers want me to say but there’s the biggest problem.”

“I mean, the thing about the Golden Globes is that they allowed me to write my own material, say whatever I want, and not prepare. The opportunity was too good to be missed.”

“I believe that the Oscar would never allow me to have that same freedom if I’m the host. I think they would be mad at me if I diverged from the script or told inappropriate jokes.”

“However, if they give me that chance, then I will do it. I would even refuse to receive a salary if they said that I could do whatever I want.”

The hosts of The View were satisfied with the announcement made by Ricky, in fact, Whoopi Goldberg even offered him an assistance. 

“If you’re really serious about doing it, I could help you by talking to some people. You know that I have connections,” she said.

What we know so far about the Oscars?

According to the organizers of the Academy Awards, they announced that earlier this year, the ceremony for the 2022 Oscars will have a new host for the first time ever since Jimmy Kimmel took the hosting duties back in 2018.

Although, the organizers haven’t announced yet who will host the awards this year. The 94th Academy Awards is scheduled to occur at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on March 27. 

Other actors who expressed their interest in the hosting duty

Recently, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland jokingly offered that he wants to host the upcoming Oscars. He said that he would really enjoy the hosting duties if he was given an opportunity.”

“If the organizers asked me to do it, I would, and it would be such an honor and I think that it would be fun. I might enjoy doing it,” he said.

Another comedian has expressed her willingness to apply for the Oscars hosting job vacancy, no other than, Tiffany Haddish. She even said that she will organize her planner book to squeeze in a time for the event if she would be given a chance.

“I mean, If given an opportunity, I wouldn’t turn it down. You know how busy I am, right? However, when it comes to the Oscars, I will give time,” she said. 


Whether the actor would be given a chance to host the Oscars or not, it is important that the hosts of such prestigious awards shows not just possess hosting talent but tactfulness as well. 

There is a lot of what these shows should improve, let’s take a lesson from the 2017 Oscars La La Land/Moonlight mix up and the Miss Universe 2015 debacle.