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Scarlett Johansson

Marvel star Scarlett Johansson has kept her pregnancy under wraps because of her fear of being criticized by the general public. 

Fear of being judged

Johansson, who is known in the public as the actress behind the iconic Marvel heroine Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow gave birth to her son last year. She has a seven-year old daughter named Rose with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac and a seven-month old baby named Cosmo with her boyfriend SNL host Colin Jost. 

The actress revealed that in both of her pregnancies, she hid from the public eye in order to protect herself from being criticized for her body change because of the pregnancy. 

She said, “I’ve been very careful of both my pregnancies because I don’t want to feel judged by the general public. I want to be able to handle my feelings about how my body changes in the process without having to hear what others are saying about how they see my body, whether it is negative or positive.”

Dealing with her emotions

The Black Widow actress further explained that she has felt judged by other females who are also pregnant and she admitted that she had to deal with difficult emotions when she was pregnant with her son. 

Speaking in an interview, she stated “ I became aware that when I was pregnant with my son Cosmo, it’s ridiculous how much things people say when you are pregnant. Some expressed their hopes, their desire or their judgment, those things are being said to pregnant women.”

“When they found out about my pregnancy, they immediately said things like ‘Wow, that is wonderful, that is great.’ Even though I am very excited about having a baby in many ways, I also had many negative feelings about it that people might see and make judgments out of it. I’m referring to some of the women that are around me, and say things like, “You’ve already had a baby before, so what’s the matter?”

“I believe that a lot of things have changed and innovated in the last five years when it comes to the empowerment of women, however, there are still things that remain in the old ways. There is too much judgment and negativity going on and it is just insane,” she added.

Disney lawsuit

Johansson had experienced plenty of highs and lows last year. Aside from her pregnancy where she gave birth to Cosmo in August, she also filed an infamous lawsuit against Disney for breaching her contract when her movie Black Widow was released on the company’s streaming platform back in July.

The actress stated that Disney failed to pay her a compensation when they decided to release the movie in Disney+ which was unbeknownst to her and only got paid from the movie’s theatrical release. 

The lawsuit became a hot topic in Hollywood and started an online discussion about the rights of talents to get paid too once their film was released digitally aside from their salary from theatrical releases. Many known artists sided with Johansson such as her co-star Elizabeth Olsen who plays Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. Scarlet Witch, comedian Jason Sudeikis, actress Jamie Lee Curtis and horror film producer Jason Blum.

In September, the lawsuit ended when Disney and Johansson agreed on a settlement that ensured that she will receive a share from the movie’s revenue on the digital platform. However, the terms of the deal remained a secret. 

Furthermore, chairman of Disney Studios Alan Bergman stated that “We are very delighted that we have settled our differences with Scarlett Johansson and we are looking forward to working with her again.”


Johansson is one of the well-renowned celebrities in the world, and many fans are still hoping to reprise her role as the beloved Natasha Romanoff, which is her most successful role yet.

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