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If you’re itching for any new scoop about Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man, searching the internet will probably leave you in a sea full of speculations and theories. No official trailers have been announced and it’s quite understandable as the studio still has 3 other films to promote before it.

But this doesn’t stop eager and eagle-eyed fans to find ways to fill in the gap of all the rumors floating around. It’s no complete surprise for any Marvel fans to find the next piece of information but through, of all things, toys. For all the latest news on films, tech, and gadgets, Asiaone Singapore has you covered.

The fusion of tech and magic

A whole slew of toy images for Spider-Man: No Way Home were revealed, courtesy of Funko, and one of the things that got fans so excited is the figure dubbed the “Integrated Suit”. It’s a fusion of the Iron Spider made by Tony Stark and the Tao Mandalas, magical protective shields that Doctor Strange creates.

It has already been revealed that Doctor Strange will not only appear in the movie, but he will also serve as Peter Parker’s mentor. This Integrated Suit is a perfect way to delight fans that these two Avengers will work back-to-back yet again after the events of The Avengers: Endgame.

The new Spider-Man suit reveals that the Integrated Suit, which is a very fitting name if you think about it, has a faint orange glow of energy shields in his chest. It is very reminiscent of Iron Man’s arc reactor as well. It would appear that using this suit allows Peter to cast these mystic shields, too.

How this suit will come to fruition is still up for speculation. But it sure does make us very excited to see the Master of the Mystic Arts and our friendly neighborhood superheroes in action which would certainly tie into the next MCU film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness in 2022.

More speculations

Taking a look at the set of toy images that were unveiled, it looks like Spider-Man will actually go through three different new suits for the entirety of the film.

But before we get into the new suits, it’s worth mentioning that some fans pointed out that the Funko numbers found on all the toy boxes are missing. For instance, the Integrated Suit is numbered 913 and the other two new Spidey suits are numbered 921 and 923.

As you can tell, it takes no math-wizard to point out that there are number gaps between these figures. And no, they are not lottery numbers you’ll find in an online casino. It simply suggests that some figures are not yet ready for a reveal to avoid major spoilers.

Some speculate that the huge gap could include the Sinister Six and even Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s spider suits.

The other suits

Now back to Tom Holland’s other Spider-Man suits. Dubbed the Upgraded Suit, it is perhaps the one that people are most familiar with. There’s a bit of an update and some slight changes in the suit’s appearance.

The third new suit is a Target-exclusive Funko where Spider-Man gets a black suit with gold accents. This Funko edition is dubbed the Black and Gold Suit, disconfirming any theories that this could be a black suit infected by a symbiote.

Taking a closer look at the Funko figure, the Black and Gold Suit has a pattern that looks like a circuit board. Perhaps the best suit to counter Electro? We already know that Jamie Foxx will reprise his role as Electro in the film.

Other Funko reveals include Ned and MJ, as well as Doctor Strange in his regular clothes while still wearing his cloak. Fans are eager to learn why Strange holds a shovel in this Funko figure.

You may check the entire details, toy releases at Marvel’s official website. All the Funk figures are already up for pre-order for 10.99 USD each.