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Strawberry-Sauced Nuggets and Mushy Fries With Ice Cream? Burger King’s New Desserts Honest Review

Odd-looking food pairings are not for the faint-hearted, it takes a lot of guts to consume such much-detested edible creations. Just kidding! 

But, seriously though, weird food combinations of non-complementing tastes are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people don’t like the idea of pairing sweet and savory ingredients, hence, the immortal argument about whether sweet pineapples belong to the realm of savory pizzas.

However, as for the adventurous-types such as I am, we unapologetically enjoy such weird combinations. I am one of those strange blokes who enjoys dipping their french fries with the sundae as dip. After all, deviating from the norm can lead you to unexpected discoveries.

So, when the new array of desserts were being offered by Burger King, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon to try it. The new desserts feature items such as fries slathered with sundae and nuggets drizzled with strawberry sauce, and here is my honest review in this Singapore news.

Monster Sundae

I started my meal with the one that is less perplexing, the Monster Sundae. This actually looks like your ordinary sundae with just a few adjustments. The sundae features some basic combinations that you can find in a sundae such as soft ice cream, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce, it looks pretty normal to me.

As the food hit my taste buds I immediately thought the combination of chocolate and strawberry sauces are pretty good. The marriage of both the sauces works really well with the ice cream. This item is definitely the stuff that can be eaten regularly. 

Rating: 4/5

Purple Rain

This enigmatic concoction can be intimidating at first because of its odd dark purple color but upon taking the first sip, you will realize immediately that it is Fanta Grape crowned with a soft serve of sundae and drizzled with strawberry sauce.

As for the taste, the thing is actually good at first especially when the ice cream melts and it adds a creamy note to the background of the grape soda. This sundae float however suddenly becomes sugary as you go deeper and you may end up not finishing the whole thing. I recommend bringing a friend with you if you are deciding to try this so that it will not be a waste of money.

Rating: 3/5

Mashed Up Fries

As mentioned above, I’m one of those people who likes dipping their french fries into their ice cream. 

However, as the Mashed Up Fries were served in front of me, it was dead on arrival. There is something off-putting with that item that immediately robs the appetite out of you. As you can see, the fries are draped in soft ice cream with a small dash of chocolate sauce.

I get that they are taking into account that most of their diners dunking their fries into their ice cream. However, they should know that fries should be crispy, salty and hot in order to work it well with the cold and sweetness of the sundae. But, this is just a sog party of fries drowned in the cold sugary mess.

Fair enough, the name itself serves as a warning of what you are gonna get. They could’ve separated the sundae with the fries to retain the crispiness of the latter but in the same serving.

Rating: 1/5

Strawberry Nuggets Shake

Ok, I don’t even know where to start with this stuff, right from the get-go, Strawberry Nuggets Shake looks unappetizing.

To be honest, the nine-piece nuggets were soggy and the drizzle of red strawberry sauce made it look like a crime scene from CSI: New York. The strawberry sauce does not match with the taste of the nuggets and the combination is nauseating. Even scraping the sauce from the nuggets does not help, it was just a hodgepodge of hot mess, definitely not worth a dime!

Rating: -5/5

Final Verdict

As you know, trying these menu items one by one from the most ok to the worst is just like descending into the eight circles of Hell. However, kudos to Burger King for trying but it just is not working. If you are not bothered by the stuff mentioned, then go grab one, just don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

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