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Crazy Rich Asians Homes in Singapore

Crazy Rich Asians is a massive hit Hollywood romantic comedy about an American-Chinese woman who fell in love with a Singaporean professor. Unbeknownst to her, he is a magnate who hails from one of the wealthiest families in Singapore, a country in and of itself a wealthy country known for its many Singapore online casino platforms and gaming venues.

Upon arrival in Singapore following his boyfriend’s revelation of his true identity, she has to face the repercussions of being his girlfriend.

The movie featured the lavish and even ludicrous lifestyle of the members of elite Asians. The mansions that are featured in the film are actually from Malaysia because it is costly to rent one as a setting considering the expensiveness of these mansions in real life.

Now that we are musing, let’s have a glimpse together with asiaone of these real luxurious properties for the crazy rich Asian. Behold, these properties have unimaginable features that will make your eye gouge for its lavish and expensive quality.

Harbour View House

Situated on Ocean Drive in Sentosa Island, this 1,161 sqm bungalow offers a stunning view of the sea. The property is divided into two main sections, the east and west wing. The mansion is designed by the world-renowned SCDA Architects which are inspired by modern architecture with classic seaside utility.

The east wing houses the main living and dining area of the property while the west wing has the offices and entertainment area. It also has a lap pool that faces the sea with a surrounding stoned floor and carefully laden lawn. The master bedrooms also offer a stunning view of the sea designed to let the rooms penetrate with natural light.

Queen Astrid Park

This house is located in Queen Astrid Park in Bukit Timah where it is also situated in lush greenery. The property costs 60 million Singaporean dollars, and it has a marvelous view of the sunset and sunrise.

The property is also slightly elevated compared to its surrounding properties. This two-story mansion also invokes a sense of privacy with its pool in front of the house. It also has a gazebo if you are wondering if you have a preference to enjoy the outdoors.

Jalan Bahasa

This property has a listed price of $19,800,000 which is fairly cheaper compared to the rest of the items in this list. Designed by Aamer Architects, it is a two-story mansion with a zen vibe and modern interior spaces. It houses an infinity pool and a theatrette designed for frequent socializing. 

The mansion also has a wine cellar and a garage that can fit six cars. What is stunning about this house is that it boasts a terrace with a wide view of the surrounding lush spaces. The property has a modern vibe that is designed for modern minimalists that can be a paradise within the city.

Ewart Park

This bungalow in Ewart Park has an almost 40,000 square feet land area, with three stories, and has a price of 60 million Singaporean dollars. The property can house 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a jacuzzi, 38-meter pool, a library, an entertainment lounge, and a garage for multiple cars.

Another stunning feature of this property is that its formal dining and living halls are designed to fit a royal meeting venue. It has multiple rectangular spaces with traditional wooden ceilings and wall accents, filled with warmer tones and traditional style.

Maryland Drive

This property in Maryland Drive is an architectural marvel in itself. The design is a fusion of modern Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism with its carefully laden stones, wood, and lush greenery. The bungalow resembles the typical design of modern art galleries.

The property is also designed to integrate both the outdoor and interior spaces with its large glass windows. Another stunning feature of this piece is its curved concrete bricked bathroom walls that will make a Japanese minimalist fan cry.