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Asiaone Back 4 Blood

If you’ve been living under a rock waiting for the next installment of the beloved Left 4 Dead series, it’s now time for you to go out and rejoice. However, it’s not technically the sequel everyone is kind of hoping for as Turtle Rock Studios has to do this new co-op zombie game from the ground up and this has nothing to do with Valve’s popular IP.

But of course, as many people already pointed out, both games share a lot of similarities. Back 4 Blood is the newest co-op zombie shooter game that will hit this year and the beta test was already out. For some, they have made the conclusion that the game might just be the L4D3 game that we never got.

The Left 4 Dead 3 we never got

If you’ve missed the beta test, straits times is here to give you a quick rundown of what exactly makes this game the definitive spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise. For one, everything from the guns, zombies, and environment, has a massive visual upgrade.

The UI has a simpler design and you can expect the same nitty-gritty vibes wherever you are in the game. For players familiar with the L4D games, part of what made them successful is the fun co-op aspect and how these games don’t demand a high level of skills to be completed.

With the help of the overall new HUD and UI, everyone who has basically played any shooter game before can immediately get into the game with little to no difficulty at all. Customizing your weapons with attachments is now possible and it can be done with no tutorials needed.

The game has brought new features

The ability to customize your weapon is just one of the many things that you can now do in Back 4 Blood. The game is packed with features that you would typically expect from our current generation of shooter games. These features include putting markers and scoping or aim down sights (ADS) for better aiming.

Although the game remains to be a four-player game, Back 4 Blood introduces a new set of characters that you can pick right off the bat. These characters have their own traits, stat advantages, and weapon expertise that may or may not help your overall team composition.

The game now has a shop system that players can use in each safe room before they start each chapter or section. The shop includes everything from grenades, defibrillators, medkits, and a slew of firearms. As mentioned, different attachments can also be purchased from here.

Ammos are now offered in a variety of types unlike before where the ammo works for pretty much any weapon. If you happen to need more ammo while in the heat of battle, you may ask your teammates to lend you some if they happen to have the right one.

Perhaps the biggest and well-received feature that Back 4 Blood has in store for all the zombie-shooter fans out there is the card mechanic. The game lets you use a card that can either give the whole team a helping hand or hinder the team with an extra level of a challenge such as shrouding the whole map with a thick fog. To everyone’s surprise, this card mechanic works fantastically for this game.

The caveat

If you are someone who has played a lot of shooter games or video games, in general, for the last few years, you’d notice that most, if not, all of the features we’ve mentioned are somewhat considered staple game mechanics across games with similar niches.

If anything, the beta turned out to be a test for a game whose main selling points seem to come a bit late. The formula that the game now presents could have been quite remarkable a decade ago. Simply put, there’s really nothing “new” and revolutionary about the game.

But, for what the game is as a whole, it’s definitely a huge leap from your typical zombie-shooting game, more specifically, from the L4D series where the game took heavy inspiration from.