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Asiaone Adidas Lego

Adidas Originals and the Lego Group reunited once more to reveal an audacious take on the classic Superstar contour by launching a buildable Superstar Lego brick model of the Adidas Originals Lego Superstar sneaker marking their collaborative effort.

Asiaone breaks down the inspiration behind the unconventional product.


Just like the real one, the Lego Adidas Originals Superstar (10282) brick model consists of the recognizable Adidas Originals Superstar sneaker graphics, trefoil logo, shell toe form, and the iconic indented 3-stripes mark.

The most exciting part is that you can opt to build it as a left shoe or a right shoe or purchase two sets to create a pair. The package includes shoelaces and a real shoebox for added realism although the model is not wearable.

The figure is 27cm long, 9cm wide, and almost 12cm tall, with a display stand and plaque included. On July 1, it will be available for $149.90 at Lego Certified Stores, Adidas Originals at Vivocity, and Adidas Singapore online.

In September, it will be accessible through the Lego Official Store on Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, and other Singapore stores.

Who Is the Target Market of the Product?

The LEGO Group has recently launched its most unconventional set ever named 10282 Adidas Originals Superstar, however, what specific market is the new product really aiming for?

The Lego designer of the brand new released model Florian Muller said that the answer is, everyone. However, Florian further elaborated the true target market of the product and said that first and foremost it is intended to be aimed at the ‘sneakerheads’ or people who are fans of the sneaker culture. The Lego group is also seeking to arrive at a broader market with the shoe and its main fans.

“It’s going for sneakerheads, but it’s also going for people who are interested in sports – so people who like the stadiums including 10272 Old Trafford. But we still tried to think about our core fanbase, and what I think is especially fresh for them here is that we rarely have sets that really try to capture organic shapes.”

“When you’re looking for building techniques or ways of recreating organic shapes, especially wearables and shoes that are quite hard to capture, they always look different – so what’s the angle you take on that? We hope to just get some people curious about that, and building technique-wise, I think it’s quite interesting,” said Florian.

Building Process and Experience

The appeal of the 10282 Adidas Originals Superstar lies in its novelty, It is remarkably unique. From the packaging, and the building experience to the finished product, everything the model represents is a first for the LEGO Group.

The model is one of the most complex sets built for a specific purpose, and it is a unique product and a little bit unorthodox. The player can also invoke elaborate techniques on how one should build the set. With just 731 pieces, it may not be the lengthiest to build but once the builder puts in the first few pieces one can be invested in completing the project.

And when the building process is finished, that authentic shoelace will be one of the most striking features. Given the LEGO Group’s reputation for almost always finding a brick answer to every build difficulty, it’s a bit of a shock, and it takes some getting used to.


It’s also not a negative thing, since it creates a creative link between the real-life trainer and the LEGO version that any brick-based method would have likely disrupted as much as it attempted to duplicate.

There’s a lot to like and respect about the 10282 Adidas Originals Superstar, and a lot of it stems from its uniqueness. There’s a lot about this LEGO kit that sets it apart from anything else out there, both as a LEGO model and in the world of trainer design, and it’s all owing to the extra amount of detail that’s been put into it.

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