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Singapore youtubers

Youtube is probably the most overused media platform in the world along with Netflix and Spotify. We couldn’t deny that 70% of online users watch Youtube every day for online video consumption. That is why a lot of businesses utilize this platform to advertise their products and services. This extends to e-commerce websites to online betting Singapore brands.

The effectiveness of selling products also relies on the talents of Youtube channel creators by using their content as a means of promotion of their products to reach their massive subscribers. Surely, creating a Youtube channel is not rocket science but not all content creators can be successful on this platform, it needs a great deal of creativity and commitment.

In this list, we are featuring the most popular video content creators from Singapore. Let’s delve into each one and discover why they became Youtube influencers in Singapore asiaone news.

JianHao Tan

With an estimated 3 million subscribers, JianHao’s channel generates a thousand views every day for his uploaded videos. His content varies mostly about student lifestyle and comedy skits. He also uploaded travel and food blogs from time to time to vary his content.


As of writing, Wah! Banana has 1.3 million subscribers and is expected to increase more. They mostly rely on local humor to portray and advertise products and they also post frequently comedic skits and comparisons. The production team is all witty and vibrant and their videos are supported by Garena.

Peggie Neo 

Peggie Neo is known for her mukbangs of different foods that are categorized by brand or cuisine. Her mukbangs are done in an ASMR manner, so her eating shows are very immersive and organic. She also has a second channel for her drawing and travel blogs.

Ryan Sylvia

Ryan Sylvia is also known as The Night Owl Cinematics is a comedic duo based in Singapore who creates lifestyle videos, comedic skits, reviews, and travel blogs. What is interesting about these two is their personal story. They have been married for 10 years and recently divorced but maintained professionalism in presiding over their established channel.


This channel is operated by two sisters who decided to create a Youtube channel for their activities. Even though they are a novice in the video content arena, their content is massively relatable because of its authenticity and casual approach. Their content ranges from shopping vlogs to food reviews.

Naomi Neo

Naomi Neo was known as the ex-girlfriend of JianHao as she was always featured in his comedic skits. In her channel, she amassed a huge number of followers and established herself as an influencer with her motherhood videos mixed with a little bit of comedy.


You probably know Xiaxue as a famous Instagramer but her Youtube channel has fairly good content as well. Her channel is known for her make-up tutorials, travelogues, and life hacks that are both entertaining and informative.

Sam Willows

Sam Willows is a local band, their Youtube channel is filled with the music contained within the indie-pop and jazz fusion genre spectrum. They also create videos of music covers of international pop songs. As of 2021, the quartet has been working on their solo projects after the announcement of their indefinite hiatus.

Roseann Tang

Roseann is an established make-up artist and the majority of her content is focused on beauty and wellness. If you are looking for professional life hacks when it comes to make-up then make sure to subscribe to her channel.

Seth Lui

Seth Lui is known for his food blog, his website offers useful information about food and dining. Even though his channel is not as huge as other food vloggers, his reputation in food guides is still indisputable. His content is a hidden gem for travelers who want tips for the local foods and restaurants that they want to try.

Now, Youtube is not just a platform for entertainment but as a tool for business as well. Surely, each country has its own list of famous Youtube channels, we hope that we have satisfied your curiosity about Singapore’s famous Youtubers.