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Asiaone Apple mac and iPad

Since the launching of the first Apple Watch, the product has improved in a lot of ways including powerful sensors and bigger displays. Recently, we have arrived at an era when gadget upgrades are essential, but that could change this year.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is reportedly getting an upgrade and will have a boost in performance. It was reported to have thinner bezels and faster chips that will improve its performance.

Latest rumors

It was reported in Asiaone the possible updates on the next Apple Watch. The Series 7 watch could contain a speedier CPU as well as “new ultra-wideband capability” that could be used with watchOS 8 features like unlocking doors and hotel rooms, which Apple demonstrated at WWDC21.

Design and variants

It was reported that the Apple Watch will demonstrate a new design and will have flat edges just like the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. The Series 7 watch will have an improved form, it could have thinner bezels and a slightly slimmer casing.

Apple will be experimenting with different colors just like the iMac and may arrive in different colored variants. The red and blue variant however is not clear to be sticking around.


The display of the new Apple Watch could be different than its predecessors. Apple has experimented to utilize different techniques that bring the display closer to the front cover and will have a thinner display border. 

With the Series 4, Apple expanded the display size from 38mm to 42mm to 40mm and 44mm. Apple could potentially increase the screen size gain by cutting the bezels and adding a millimeter or two.

Health and fitness features

Apple is currently in collaboration with a firm that specializes in new health sensors technology, speculating that the next Apple Watch could monitor blood pressure, glucose, and alcohol level. However, Apple may be going for the technology but they will not apply it to the Series 7 because it may not be ready and may take a few more years to be available in the product. 

There is also an existing body temperature sensor but Apple opted to not use it for the current series and it may also take a few years to be available. The Apple Watch can already measure distances, laps, stroke detection, and other current features.

Extreme athletes

Apple is also planning to release a rugged version of the Apple Watch intended for athletes doing extreme events and sports. The watch could have a scratch and pressure resistance that could rival the rugged products of Casio and Luminox.

Processor and specs

Although no reports of the CPU in the Series 7 watches have surfaced, we can expect an S7 in the future watch based on the S6 system in the present Apple Watch Series 6. The S6 in the Series 6 is up to 20% quicker than the S5 SiP, thus the S7 should see comparable increases. It’s also possible that more efficiency translates to longer battery life.


With each iteration of the Apple Watch, Apple has supported all prior bands, but a new design could mean that newer bands aren’t backward compatible. The Solo Loop bands aren’t compatible with any Apple Watch model before the Apple Watch Series 4 when the bigger display models were introduced.

WatchOS 8

At WWDC, Apple unveiled watchOS 8, which has digital keys, a new Mindfulness app, and a Portraits face, among other things. All of the existing capabilities, as well as any new ones unique to the Apple Watch Series 7, will be available on the next device.

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