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Asiaone Condo in Singapore

Names can be an identifier and sometimes reflects the object itself who owns the name or what it was referring to. A rose by any other name may be as sweet as itself or a pine tree as fresh as it is. We couldn’t deny that names are not just labels but it also has a lasting impression on us.

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing your name, especially from the person that you like. That is why a name must be unique and yet easy to read or understand. 

There were instances that human names reflect their personality or somehow may have a connection with their interests. To some, they claim that the meaning of their names has nothing to do with them or their personality.

This is the reason why in business, branding is important because a good brand name will have a lasting impression on the consumers and it will reflect in all of the branding ecosystems and products. A good brand name will instill in the consumer’s mind and it will make the brand more popular.

Condominiums are not far off from company brands and products. If you are selling a property it is important to know that a well-thought name will affect the popularity of the property to attract potential clients.

Many condominiums properties in Singapore bear classy, smart, and well-thought-of names like Rivertree Residences, Uptown, and Bayshore Park. However, Singapore also has many condominium properties that have a ridiculous name, downright weird and awkward.

A Twitter user started a thread on May 8 (Saturday), encouraging other Twitter users from Singapore to participate and post their entry on the celebration of the wackiest condo names they saw in the country.

We compiled here in this Asiaone piece some of the best or should we say the worst of the worst for your cringe-worthy satisfaction.

Names That Are Hard to Read

When you stylize a name it should be awesome but it should also be easy to read. Imagine telling a taxi driver these condo names it might be hard for you both to read it.

A Twitter user posted a condominium with the name JUI Residences, the user said in the caption “Is it ‘zui residence’ or ‘jzhwee residence’. Even though the property looks good, near what it looks like a riverbank, there is no definite way to pronounce the name.

Another user also posted an image of a facade of Vogx condominium. He added a sarcastically funny caption, “ Thank you for your service! I bring you…Vogx. Vogue? Vox? Vor-gks?” The letters in the font used in the logo were hard to discern, even though it looks like a futuristic and modern logo, the designer failed to recognize the message it wants to tell.

A user posted a photo of another facade of a condo property with the caption, “Foresque. Foresk? Fores-kay? Fores-kuay? Fores-kee?” It looks like it is trying hard to be finesse by using a faux-French name for an English word for a place with a lot of vegetation but it failed to deliver the message in a good way.

The last one posted a photo of a facade of “Ishaughnessy”, with a caption asking how to pronounce the name.

Literal Names

Some Twitter users also posted condo names with a literal meaning.

Two users posted photos with condo names of Rich Mansions and Rich Residence which is quite literal if you think about it. Others tried a more Spanish route with ‘casa cambio’ which means ‘change house’ and ‘la casa’ which means ‘the house’.

Unlucky Names

Some just posted photos of condos with unfortunate associations with their names, such as Rafflesia, the bad-smelling flower, and Corona Ville which you already know why.

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