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Raising one child is difficult enough but raising twin offspring takes parenting to a whole new level. 

Having twin children is always seen as a double blessing but when it comes to the reality of raising two identical or non-identical children, there are things that only parents of twins only understand.

A mother of twins once said, “Being a parent of twins is like running a marathon you didn’t train for.” In this Singapore news, we are enumerating the things that parents of twins all have in common.

Answering the same questions over and over

Answering the same questions over and over to every person you will meet is definitely exhausting. This is one of the things that most parents of twins are experiencing every time they are going out with their kids.

Here are some of these questions:

‘Are they twins?’ – Talking about answering a question about what is obvious? However, even if you try to avoid these kinds of questions, they will eventually pop up. 

This sometimes forced parents to come up with witty or creative answers such as, ‘No, the one on the left is mine but the other one is I found on the sidewalk’ or ‘No, the other one is artificial, he is a genetic clone of the one on the left.’

‘Do twins run in your family?’ – Most people didn’t know that only fraternal twins are genetic and identical twins are unpredictable.

‘Do you have a favorite child?’ – Seemed very intrusive.

‘You mean they are developing differently?’ – Technically, they are two separate individuals so, yes.

It’s impossible for twins to share everything

Raising one child is costly enough but raising two children at the same time is definitely expensive. In households where age gaps exist between the children, it can be manageable with hand-me-downs or sharing similar items, but for twin parents, they have to pay double for purchasing exactly the same item.

Always looking for discount for twins

Nobody is constantly looking for twin discounts than of course, parents of twins. 

Like the aforementioned problem, purchasing two of almost every twin’s needs is expensive. This is why a buy-one-take-one promo makes twin parents happy or at least a discount for the second item can make a difference.

You’ll almost certainly fail to spend meaningful time with each child separately

Most parents of a single child complain that they can’t do anything for themselves because their time mostly is spent taking care of the child. However, imagine the situation of the parents of twins, it could be exhausting.

Twin parents know that they have to master the art of spending equal quality time with the set of twins or failing to do so could label them as favoring one child over the other. However, this could be proven difficult, especially if both twins have different needs or have contrasting personalities.

Their name isn’t ‘the twins’

Just like mentioned above, spending equal quality time with the twins could be the key to raising these children. However, parents have to realize that they shouldn’t be treating the twins as a singular unit, and giving the same kind of attention could be problematic.

If parents do the same parenting style to both children, they may fulfill the needs of one child but alienate the other. Parents should treat their twins as two separate individuals, with each one having its own needs and personality. 

Other twin parents become your lifesaver

It is true that your whole life will change once you become a parent and this is also applicable to the type of friends that you will be spending time with. 

Being surrounded by people who know exactly what you’re going through is such a blessing. It is helpful that parents of twins should hang out together because they could share their own experiences as parents and also learn from each other if problems arise.

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