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Tokyo olympics 2020

During a virtual engagement last August 12, President Halimah Yacob has given praise to the nation’s athletes in recognition of their outstanding efforts at the Tokyo Olympic Games. She also added that regardless of the results, all of them should be proud of what they have achieved.

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It calls for a celebration

The virtual engagement session includes 15 athletes which include Yu Mengyu, a Singaporean table tennis player, and Joseph Schooling, an Olympian swimmer. President Halimah said that being an Olympian is something that they should be proud of as there were no shortcuts in becoming one.

To her, this just proves how incredible these athletes can pour their purest effort and hard work, as well as making some serious sacrifices to accomplish their goal.

Among many others, the virtual session was also attended by Ben Tan, the Games chef de mission, Edwin Tong, the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, and Teck Yin, the chief of Sport Singapore.

President Halimah also stated that she’s in awe knowing how determined these athletes were just so they can reach such heights. Not to mention, risking their lives for the sake of the nation despite the many disruptions and uncertainties especially during this time of the coronavirus pandemic.

She kept thanking the athletes for having the courage and determination despite such limitations. She commended how they are so driven by their passion and by what’s possible, instead of dwelling on such constraints. For her, their sacrifices would never be disregarded.

Truer words were never spoken

Her genuine acknowledgement went on to describe how it’s such a tremendous feat for these athletes to make a stand and make the whole nation proud, emphasizing how they should all be proud of themselves, regardless of the outcome. Taking part in such a prestigious competition is enough to warrant themselves as admirable heroes.

Madam Halimah also said that competing on the world stage full of skilled and professional athletes alone is something that most people can only dream of. That makes them truly special and valuable. Calling the athletes an inspiration is perhaps what’s best to summarize the whole virtual engagement session.

Madam Halimah is overwhelmingly thankful to all of them, also adding how their achievements also is a good demonstration of how the nation can pull off something bigger than itself.

Of course, Madam Halimah also acknowledged the Paralympic debutants for the event. During the Tokyo Paralympics, four of the 10 athletes made their first debut in the event: swimmers Toh Wei Soong and Sophie Soon, powerlifter Nur Aini Mohamad Yasli, and cyclist Steve Tee.

The president said that it must have been an exciting experience and she hoped that the Paralympics would serve as an instrument to fuel their aspirations in accomplishing more achievement and excellence, not just in sports, but in life.

It was well-received

The athletes also have some good remarks about the president. Steve Tee for instance said that he was thankful for the support and motivational remarks of the president. He’s more determined to continue his sporting journey because of how kind and very supportive Madam Halimah was.

Yip Pin Xiu, who also represented the nation and kept her swimming titles, had to say that she’s very grateful to the president’s remarks, too. For her, Madam Halimah’s warm and genuine speech goes to show that sports are one of the many priorities for the government.If you haven’t kept up with the Singapore news about Yip, she has received some public support regarding the prize disparity between Paralympians and Olympians. The Paralympian swimmer said that the president’s remarks made her feel that voices can indeed be heard and she’s very grateful about it.